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Writer's Block: Secret Ballot

It's hard to ignore the fact that today is Election Day in the U.S. If you went to the polls today, tell us what it was like. Long line? Free stickers? Hanging chads? We want the details.

For some mysterious reason, all of the election judges were older people. We went later in the afternoon at around two, so there wasn't a line by the time I got there. I was very relieved. I was on my cane and fighting to stay upright, but they did provide a chair and let me sit at a table to fill out my ballot.

I fed it into the machine, and the volunteer at the door handed me a sticker with a flag that said "I Voted."

This sticker is now on my easel. I've done it. Once again I've voted in a Presidential election, and also in the local ones. A remarkable number of local offices had unopposed Democrats running, but the Sheriff only had an unopposed Republican so I wrote in "Any Democrat." I don't like the idea of a Republican in charge of law enforcement.

It was quiet and the room they set up with the voting machines wasn't far from the doorway of the building. We got a parking space right next to the Handicapped spaces, which I was glad about since I haven't gone down to City Hall to get one of those tags yet because I don't go out that often. I probably should, I just don't get out much.

There was no fuss, no stress, no loud rowdy riots or anything. I voted, and when I took the little sticker I felt a deep glow of pride. Go Obama!

This is the first time in decades that I have felt this kind of hope about a candidate. Most of the time even though the Democratic candidates sounded reasonable, they tried to appeal to an unthinking voter with slogans and vague platitudes. Obama says stirring things in his speeches and does know how to boil down a sound byte.

But when I go past that, the meat of his thought is there and it is all good. It is all self consistent. He's honest enough to admit you can't just handwave and create jobs without funding them and actually paying the people to do the work. He's talking about tax benefits in directions that do help with problems the right wing raises too -- he's not ignoring the issues the way so many of them did.

Things like tax breaks for companies making jobs for Americans instead of just throwing vague vast tax breaks at the big boys while they outsource everything to wherever labor is cheap.

The economic arteries of this country are clogged, it's been flowing in one direction for way too long. Too much economic policy reminds me of pyramid schemes, and those are a ripoff to anyone on the base of the pyramid. So I've done the right thing today and if I need to sit and rest my back, now I can.

I'd have done that if I'd been dragging myself out of a hospital to vote.
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Nov. 5th, 2008 04:39 am (UTC)
yay! :)

Nov. 5th, 2008 07:32 am (UTC)
We won! We all won. I sat here tonight listening to his speech on Yahoo's ABC news feed, listening to history. That man is a great orator.

Decades of cynicism stripped away in such a short time. I trust him. Little things kept adding up.

He isn't lying or skytalking. He doesn't minimize the difficulties of what he's facing and he doesn't flip out when bad things happen. He doesn't get the "This can't be happening" fish look. Throughout his entire campaign Obama has earned my trust.

I voted and I am so glad I did. My whole county turned blue, a little blue dot in the middle of red Kansas.
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