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Packing Cheetahs

I got one step farther on packing Cheetahs Fire Dancing. Today I not only got out the foam board and glassine, I did more.

After resting from going out to vote, I took the big board and laid it out on the floor and marked it up. So far so good. I used the larger of my two Exacto knives to cut it, one side and then the other. They're not as pretty as mat cutter cuts, but the stuff is too thick to run the mat cutter on it. I cut both front and back pieces to fit in the photo bag, then cut a strip of glassine to fold over the top of the one the art will be taped to and put all three of those pieces in the photo bag.

By that point my back was crunching again, so I am done for the day. It'll be another good day before I can tape up the art to it, repack that, dig out all the packing materials, flatten and build the box and stuff around the package with bubble wrap, then print out the postage. Fortunately, buying postage online means that I can print it out any time of day or night when I'm ready and then just tape it onto the package with regular tape.

I do have regular tape. It's going to work. Slowly and steadily I will do everything needed to send this package and then later on when I'm done with Cat/Wombat, repeat the process for Lauren's big package. Looking at how the foam boards fit in the photo bag, hers will need to be trimmed a bit smaller. Maybe 10" x 13" rather than 10.5" x 13" because hers is going to be a triple decker -- foam board with art on it, glassine, foam board with art on it, glassine, top of the sandwich, and then a smaller photobag with all the small art in it slid inside the big one so that everything's together and waterproof.

I have done a lot today. No art or writing yet, but I got my Erengi artist grade oil pastels and I voted and I prepared to ship Cheetahs Fire Dancing. I think I've accomplished a lot, if I sit around just relaxing all evening and crash early that's good too. I took an extra Tramadol before voting, but it is definitely time for another.
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Nov. 5th, 2008 12:24 am (UTC)
Those new oil pastels sound interesting. I'm always interested in hearing about new supplies that people actually like.

I know I've said it before, but the Cheetah is gorgeous - it glows with energy.

Glad to hear you voted! Yay! Voting is an accomplishment IMHO. I wish we'd gotten one of those little flags because I really did feel like we were all making history by voting in this particular election. I'm so excited about this election - very different from the depressing last two elections.


Nov. 5th, 2008 02:45 am (UTC)
These new oil pastels are fantastic. I am really enjoying them. Going to be doing some serious art with oil pastels from now on.

I used to like doing oil pastel on canvas board and would often use turpentine to get oil washes with them -- that works just as well with the artist grade ones too. Now I'm getting more into using them almost like colored pencils, they are so soft and blend so well that it's a sweet process.

And these Erengi ArtAspirer ones are quite a bargain compared to Holbein or Senneliers or even the Neopastels that I love. I may have to get the full range set too sometime.

I think voting was the most important thing I did today, and gods I hope Obama wins. You're so right to call the last two elections depressing. This one I have hope, and he was so articulate on his webpage. I took some time reading it this morning and everything he writes both makes sense and has direct connection with reality -- something sorely lacking in the Bush era.
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