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Red Block matted

I started packing up Cheetahs Fire Dancing because I wanted to get Red Block off the clipboard on my easel and make it easier to get at Cat/Wombat to work on it. So I pinned Rocks/Rapids on the wall, since I want to finish the still life with apple and leaves first, and matted Red Block.

It looks a lot better with the crop than it did with the extra inch to the left hanging off. I hung it on the wall the window's on, so the light is never directly on it. I'll stick it in a frame on Saturday when my great frames order arrives, and mat Reef with another layer to put it in a 16" x 20" frame plus mat Karl's wolf print that I procrastinated on buying a frame for till now.

Then one by one as I do or redo paintings for the December show, I'll mat and hang them on the wall till that side of the room has my show pre-prepared.

So I've done a lot that's physical. But I also ran into the fact that my room is getting disorganized again and I need to do another cleaning sometime. That is going to be rough. Maybe I can do it a little at a time.
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