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Nanowrimo: 20,641

I'm still behind, way behind for planning an 80,000 word novel. But it hasn't died. It's just a difficult book to work on. It's full of flashbacks and bad dreams and it hurts to get it on the page, then I get a little farther and it's not what I thought and wonder if it's too sappy, then something happens and it's not external conflict but the kid having the symptoms of way too many footprints on his face.

He's not normal and he's not nice and he's almost as insecure as a Kafka character. But I'm writing it anyway whether this one is publishable or not, whether it comes out good or not, whether it even comes out 80k or not. I'll win this Nanowrimo and get my Winners Certificate and finish the book I started. I can catch up, because I've been catching up and I'm less behind than I was last week.

I'm also capable of unreasonably intense sprints at times, so when I do pull ahead I may be pulling ahead in a big way. I've written a chapter most of the days that I have written, and my chapters are 3,500 or so in length, maybe a bit over. Thus there will come a point with enough writing days that I'll pull ahead and then keep getting ahead.

It's all right. I'll finish the book the way it is, not think about or expect another one, not worry about it. That seems to be best for getting it done this year. It'll do something for my head if it does nothing else.

And I have plenty of good enjoyable readable fantasy romps to edit when this is over and send out in 2009, so I don't have to worry about whether this particular experiment is going to be good or not. It's workable because it can be edited and may look better when it's done. Even if that's looking at it and going "Okay, now that I know more or less what happens, let's do it again from page one."

He's testing right now, putting his worst foot forward, not sure what they think of him. His parents are going to have a hard go in this book but I'll have to see what happens -- and what might provoke him. Because he's also a monster to a lot of other people in the book outside that house. He's also the kid from the Twilight Zone with powers that could distort and blackmail the adult world and he's at risk of getting medicated so that he can't do that.

But he's also used to not using magic to solve his problems, unlike the kids that grow up there. He hasn't got this concept yet of how powerful his magic is. I may have to show spoiled brats and the mean-turning abuse case as a contrast. He might get an IEP to have a spirit animal in school with him, but he'll find out he's responsible for it and that scared people will tell stories, both kids and adults make things up sometimes.

It's going to be interesting.

Today I'm working on an artwork for someone that needs to be done very fast as it's a banner for her blog and she needs it before Thanksgiving -- or as soon as possible. I don't usually do tight deadlines like that but I think I can do it today -- if I do it today or get it mostly done today it'll be all right. It'll go well for me and for her and be just right for both. It's for another disabled person, a Spoonie that I met on ButYouDontLookSick.com and so I'm giving it a bit more rush and a bit more effort than I would for other friends' artwork. I know what kind of effort she's putting into doing the blog too and that doing this right could literally reduce her pain and make her life better. That's a pretty neat thing to have riding on it. Today I can make someone happier in a way that'll make her feel better literally.

I've spent about three days planning it and since it's digital art, won't have any cleaning up logistics. When I finish and she puts it up, I will link to her very cool blog (and probably RSS it because she is a good writer!) and you'll find out who she is and why I did this project in the middle of November, risking my Nanovel (but not too much).

I know I'll get 50,000 and I may spend all of tomorrow banging keys on the Untitled Abused Kid one.

Egad, if the art thread from the kid's mom is enough of a plot point I could call this book Untitled Mixed Media #1...

Getting up at 7:30 this morning is a GOOD sign for getting a lot done on today's artistic efforts. But I will not post it. That's her prerogative, it'll appear first in place on her blog and I'll link to it when it does.
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Nov. 19th, 2008 04:45 am (UTC)
Hi Robert! DEB
Nov. 19th, 2008 06:12 am (UTC)
Re: Hi
Purr, glad to see you here! Hope you enjoy my random blogbabblestuff... there is usually Semi-Daily Art on this blog and will be again as soon as my current project is a) Finished and b) can be Unveiled. I don't want to show stages on it since the launch of her blog is a big neat thing with an actual party involved for my client.
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