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Bird of Paradise, oil pastel

Bird of Paradise, oil pastel on watercolor paper with Colourfix sanded primer, over a watercolor underpainting that used to be a watercolor pencil painting till it got damaged.

It's done. So is everything for the Affordable Art show at Aimee's Coffeehouse in Lawrence, home of the Nanowrimo get togethers that I haven't made it to in all the years I lived here. The show starts on December 1st.

I was going to put a preview showing of the show for 24 hours on this blog, but fate hasn't given me time for that, since everything's getting picked up tomorrow. Most of the small pieces were already listed on eBay anyway.

The pear, the sycamore leaves and apple, the red and yellow blocks, the snow scene and Cabo San Lucas are recent ones going in along with a print of Water Lily Pond, since Lisa told me prints are okay in the show. I'll print another one out for myself if it doesn't sell. I've got five ACEOs and some 4 x 6" pieces matted for 8 x 10' frames, also some other odd sized pieces like Two Blocks.

I'm not pricing anything till tomorrow, pain might distort my pricing one way or the other -- either put $50 on everything whatever it is and see what sells or feel too lousy to have the confidence to mark anything at a reasonable price. I'll see if I have better judgment in the morning.

But I did it. On time. It is ready on time. ALL of the frames are in use or going to the show -- I pulled one of the inexpensive frames to use for my Marbles and put the blond wood frame into the show with an ACEO because I liked how the inexpensive one looked more. I really dislike blond wood.

I think these will all look good massed together, most are very colorful and everything matted has a dark or black mat so there's some continuity in how they look framed. Cascade has a dark green mat with a dark red inner mat, but the rest are simple one layer black mats.

Now the last thing I absolutely MUST do in November is finish my novel. I have the rest of the weekend free and clear (after pricing these things) and 3,001 words to go. One chapter and it'll be getting me the Winner's Certificate -- which I'll definitely have room for on my wall after I get all these out the door tomorrow afternoon.

I'm tired and I hurt but I'm proud. It's done. I need to finish writing up the good article I'm doing on Bird of Paradise for The Oil Spiel, newsletter of the Oil Pastel Society, my first article for the Oil Spiel. But I think even that'd be okay to turn in on the first or the second, no one mentioned a deadline to me.

So I'm good. I can see a clear path to the end of the month and December will NOT be as time crunched, crazed and frustrating as this November was. Heck, if I have a good weekend the book may even run long as I had originally wanted it.
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Nov. 29th, 2008 09:56 pm (UTC)
Thanks! I hope this show goes well.


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