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Semi-Daily Art -- Yesterday's Sketch

Before I wrote my last incredible chapter on my Nanowrimo, I was still exhausted and fried about having done so much for the Affordable Art show. Lot of pain. Lot of stress trying to get everything done in time. So I sketched this landscape from imagination, very simple, just fooling with colors and strokes in Loew Cornell Aqua Crayons. If I gave it a wash it'd be more vibrant but I think I would rather develop it on another surface before washing.

Also, the anticlimactic result -- I did not realize, either didn't know or forgot that Affordable Art was only supposed to have two or three pieces per artist. Ow ow. I did most of that matting and framing in the expectation that I needed to have art for a good chunk of wall grouped together. But the space isn't that big.

So I sent off Ferns, Moss and Water (old good colored pencil) for $50, Two Blocks (recent pastel) for $40 and Pigeon Point Lighthouse (watercolor) for $25. I do hope they all sell, but it's not a vast disaster if they don't either. Everything is scaled down to much smaller.

I will post the pieces that I was willing to sell here if anyone's interested, probably not all in the same entry. Maybe snap photos of them matted and framed. Without the impetus of needing to make a good show at a physical art show, some of them have returned to their status of Keepers.

One result which does make me feel very good is that it wasn't wasted effort.

For the first time since I moved in, my Good Framed Art Wall is entirely framed. Not one artwork on it, mine or anyone else's, is pinned up just matted or pinned up by corners. It is crowded but it is pretty. The grouping on the wall across the room will get rearranged next month when I get Cave of the Mothers from Lisa. But the four smaller pieces sitting in its spot can move over to the other side above my sword or above my bed.

My sketchwall is the wall behind me and it has one nice framed piece on it that I might move across the room to keep this side "sketchwall" -- I'm not actually looking at the sketch wall while doing art, but it's handy and I see it anytime I look across the room.

I do need one more of those inexpensive frames for a sketch that Lisa gave me that's beautiful and should be matted and framed. But that won't be too expensive. Maybe I'll put it on my current order along with frames for Kitten's still life and Sascha's watercolor -- framing those three would have everything that needs framing right now up and safe behind glass. It would be cool considering I'm soooo close to it!

It was something I needed to do for a long time and if I do that, then I am actually done with it completely, a long term goal knocked out, make all that work worthwhile. But I am happy December has much less in the way of deadlines!

Tomorrow is Theme Week and I will be doing Snow Globes for TW and posting them on eBay. Watch for interesting variations on snow globes. I have some ideas but am not sure exactly how I'll do them -- will decide at the time! But I deserve to relax and spend the first of the month doing Theme Week ACEOs again, it's fun!
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