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Domain name at last!

Yes! I made a final choice on domain name and it was easily available because I included my name in it: explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com. I put my name in on the strong suggestion of a lot of artist friends and some writer friends. Both professions benefit from name recognition.

I can see this as the beginning of a series if I do some other art sites on different mediums after this one: Explore Watermedia with Robert Sloan, Explore Colored Pencils with Robert Sloan, that sort of thing. The version that is up at the link is pretty much a rough draft and only has a couple of pages. The nav-bar buttons will appear as I add more pages, and then each of them will link to still more pages.

I plan on doing a new page as often as possible till I get it stable. Next goal is to build it to having thirty good pages, each a small essay or demo on some aspect of oil pastels. Eventually it'll have over 200 and be a major information site on oil pastels. I'll review the two books that are available on oil pastels and as I get them, some pastels and oil painting books that have sections on oil pastels.

I'll review the major artist brands of oil pastels in depth along with supports like canvas, paper, wood and so on as I try different types of supports. These pastels work on glass too, so I plan to include at least one demo where I'm working directly on glass. I'll buy a frame and just use the glass of the frame as the surface to paint on -- then put a white sheet or board behind it to make the painting brighter and more vivid.

So this is its small beginnings. At some point in this process I'll get to where I start working on the newsletter too and have a newsletter signup link on the page. But welcome to its beginnings. Critique is very appreciated! Until I have contact information up on the site itself, feel free to message me here on LJ or leave comments with critique of my new website. It'll improve with every comment I get!

So that is most of what I did yesterday, besides listing two new eBay listings. Both are for good colored pencils ACEOs and have free shipping:

ACEO Covered Bridge is reduced to $9.95 (I was listing it for $15 or $20 for a while) and has free shipping. I used Derwent Aquatone pencils on watercolor paper, washed. Same with:

ACEO Reef Lionfish, a detailed colored pencil reef scene on black Rising Stonehenge.

Both of these have been held back for a while and I was listing them much higher, but I'm letting them go at a standard price because the market's been low lately and I'd like to move some of my older ACEOs to make room for new work. Enjoy. You've got a shot at picking these up at a major discount. Watch for more bargains every day as I continue to do the Free Shipping thing.

Tomorrow is ACEO YBAC -- and I will be listing some $4.99 aceos on theme. This month's theme is Nudes, so look for at least one pretty, classical nude in whatever medium strikes me right when I get up tomorrow. I have some great references too!

What I've done so far today is prime two more 5' x 7" pieces of watercolor paper with clear Colourfix primer. I may peel that sheet up and do it again once this pair dries, would like to have more primed pieces ready both for my trip on the 20-21st and for whatever comes to mind using pastels or oil pastels. It'll be good to get ahead of myself and have plenty of homemade Colourfix for that.

I also may try sketching on the watercolor paper before priming for some if I keep priming today. I'd still like to do something with a bright foreground and dark background using white and black or clear and black, maybe today is the overcast day to fool around with that.
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Dec. 15th, 2008 06:48 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you are feeling so accomplished and having so much fun Robert! Happy Happy Holidays friend!!
Dec. 15th, 2008 10:23 pm (UTC)
Re: Yeah!
Thanks! The site has been a lot of work, but now it's at the point that it's a joy to add to it. I'll be doing some good demos soon for it.

Robert (not logged in yet)
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