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Change of Plans

We aren't going to Camp Gaia for the Yule Festival. In fact, given the weather, it wouldn't surprise me if the organizers thought twice about holding it. The reason we're not going is that the snowstorms that are blasting all over the country have actually hit Kansas.

We've got thick, fluffy, pretty snow outside the likes of which is rare around here. Because of that, 98% of the people who drive in this area have no idea how to control their vehicles in it. Which means even a driver very used to it is going to be dodging panicked locals.

I was less disappointed than I thought I would be when Kitten told me. Maybe some of it is that I know we'll be going to other festivals at Camp Gaia at less nasty times of year -- in the summer it'll be all green and lush and I'll really enjoy painting it then. I'm still anticipating it but I won't be trying to paint with frozen fingers or hardened oil pastels.

I did invest in the plein air chair, but I could also take it to the front steps and paint what's in the yard. That is my plan B for getting out and doing plein air painting -- pick a day that's not too bad before all the snow vanishes and get outside for some quick sketching. The nice thing is that I can grab anything I want to sketch with and if I forgot something, go back in for it.

I might even just haul it up the back steps and settle down in the Cold Room with my fluffy insulating green vest on and set out something next to me to hold my stuff and try for some Plein Window sketching, out of the wind and still dazzled by all the pretty white stuff. There is so much I want to do tomorrow.

She had the money set aside for the fee for the cabin and everything, so that's going into a grocery trip tomorrow to have a good feast. She wasn't sure whether she wanted to do a big ham or Cornish game hens. I suggested both, since ham as a side dish would also mean a week of not cooking after the feast and lots of pleasant ham dishes to alternate with the turkey leftovers from my birthday.

Also, tomorrow I'm going out in the living room with some kid art supplies and we'll do some decorating, at the three and five year old level of artistic creation. I might carve up some old catalogs and things for holiday images to glue onto cardboard, and will definitely be cutting a lot of colorful strips for paper chains. Kitten suggested letting Sascha color on them before taping them together so they'd be extra colorful.

That'll be very cool. I can see me climbing on the couch with pushpins already, it's going to be fun. And I can pop Meercat Manor into the DVD player while we're getting creative with construction paper. A few origami cranes may make their appearance too, along with the occasional Sascha-colored Holiday Dinosaur.

I think red and green Velociraptors are very cheery, don't you?
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Dec. 18th, 2008 03:47 am (UTC)
Tonight was great. We alternated between holidaying and silliness -- it got very silly with Kitten breaking into "This Is Halloween" from Nightmare Before Christmas, to which I drew on an orange strip a series of happy Halloween pumpkins that got in the paper chain. We had a lot of fun with it.

Tomorrow morning: a special showing of Meercat Manor and some origami cranes.
Dec. 18th, 2008 03:57 am (UTC)
I think tomorrow when I've finished cleaning up the kitchen for cooking, I'll make some of those tin-foil snowflakes you mentioned in that Hub article, for fun. I can't help but think they'd be really pretty reflecting candlelight.

Despite all the crap I've gone through recently, the thought of a good meal and some entertainment on Yule is keeping me going.
Dec. 18th, 2008 04:23 am (UTC)
They are! It's tricky folding a piece of tinfoil to make six sides, but when you do it comes out gorgeous. Or you can keep it simple and do four-sided ones. They are gorgeous in candlelight. In a way candles are more holidayish than all the colored lights anyway, they hark back to Dickens and all the cool ideas of the holiday.

I think I'll do a few of them too, maybe do an eHow on the folding once I figure out again how I do it!

I'm glad you're anticipating the holidays and planning for some cool entertainment over Yule. I know how rough things have been for you lately, and maybe this will be the thing to give heart and ready you for the months ahead. I honestly think that in some ways it'll start getting better fast after Inauguration Day.

I've been following Obama's plans and they look practical, they also look like people are going to have more at hand soon. I've stuck to my savings plan now for three months and am still taking it for granted, but the raise is letting me use free shipping again even after savings. A very good feeling.


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