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Colorix (Charlene aka Charlie) from WetCanvas, teacher of Still Life the Colourful Way, commented on my teapot still life and I made the last few changes. They were simple but made it so much more powerful. I'd forgotten to put in a penumbra around the shadows and that came out a little bolder in the scan than in life because of how the scan works. It needed a darker shadow just under the cup and I needed to soften the edges on the teapot to make the spoon and cup more of a focal point.

I love what these last changes did. It's gorgeous now. I pulled my Graphitints Reef out of its frame and put it in storage so I could frame Visions of Comfort, which is now up on my wall where I can enjoy it. Safe behind glass, it's very cool seeing it up there.

I also found a draft article I hadn't finished on eHow, so here is the Not Very Seasonal How to Cast A Freedom Spell which might actually be cool if you do it before Yule and then do a rebirth ritual on Yule itself on the 21st after midnight. Or do it on the New Moon to break a bad habit or get out of a bad situation.

I still have to do today's holiday art article, but I will in a bit.
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