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Writer's Block: Top 10

It's the time of year for "10 Best" lists. What's on your personal 10 Best—events, movies, music, anything—list for 2008?

I don't do Top Ten or 10 Best lists or anything like that. I don't understand why people do that, how you can have precisely that many favorites in anything. What is the appeal of numbering things? Or having them ranked in a hierarchy? Is it supposed to mean that the book I read most recently and liked a lot is going to snob down at the other one I liked last month and bully it?

Besides, what I like is going to be a matter of mood anyway -- and it's not about whether it was new or something old and good. I don't really care if something's new if I like it. Terry Pratchett wrote more than ten books. Now how can I list the ten best Pratchett books when I like them all? The only solution would've been to break Terry Pratchett's fingers when his tenth book went to press and I'm sorry, I like Discworld much more than that. I'd rather he went on writing. His old ones are just as good as the new ones and some of them are still new to me.

So there's just one class of favorites and that's not all my favorite authors either, not even all the ones I like that much.
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Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:22 pm (UTC)
True, but it DOES feel good to be in the top 10. And winning is exquisite!
Dec. 23rd, 2008 08:42 pm (UTC)
Re: Winning
I guess so. I haven't gotten into anyone's top 10 or if I did, I didn't know about it because I tend not to read top 10 lists. I guess I'm not much into celebrities either. These sorts of things usually don't include people I know personally.

I'm also aware they're individuals and that past a certain logistic point, having to answer with a thank-you note to thousands of people who picked you in the choosing-up stuff would take so long they don't have time to be musicians or write novels or paint or act or do what got them that fame.
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