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Semi-Daily Art again...

4" x 6" (cropped slightly but not much), Sennelier oil pastels on ProArt sketchbook paper from my wirebound one. At last a subject that let me use the weird grays! I used a little Iridescent White in the light areas too to give some of the sparkle of all the mica inclusions in this stone.

Lisa brought me a bunch of small stones, shells, crystals and things last Thursday night as a swap for a pint of Colourfix clear sanded pastel primer, which she loves. She was a little tight on cash and I'd already paid for it so when she said she had abalone shell pieces, I knew I'd rather add to my small still life objects -- one of them is a faceted topaz that is so beautiful.

She threw in this fist sized rock with mica running through it that's too big to go in my box of still life objects so is now sitting on my easel as a sort of paperweight. She pointed out that I could use it as a base to pose the others on, but I may wind up using it in different ways in compositions involving larger objects since it was too close to the color and value of some of the things she stacked on it.

I put a white sheet of printer paper under it so that I could clearly see and sketch the cast shadows too. I started a project on WetCanvas.com today in the Oil Pastels Studio forum, 100 stones. Me and whoever else signs up will do a series of studies of rocks and pebbles from life -- it's a fun project and had three signups already when I got up from my nap.

I've been wiped out for a couple of days not really doing anything. Sitting around reading Terry Pratchett to keep from feeling the pain. It's weather again, it's the time of year and a little bit from overexertion when I tried to make coffee in the new coffeepot. Turns out that no, I am not going to be able to take my turn making coffee when I take the last cup unless things get rearranged to put it in my reach. Annoying, that. I would've liked to be able to do so.

But I sprung my back pretty bad doing it and it's still twinging and seizing up today, so I know better than to push it and do things that make it hurt. Always frustrating when I try something ordinary that no one else would have any trouble with and it wipes me out that long. Some of it may be the weather though.

I also get very annoyed at days when I have to stop and take a nap while the sun's still up. I miss the daylight so much when days are short, and it got sunny while I was asleep. Now it's nearly four and I know it's going to be gone in another hour or so. Frustrating.
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