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Orchids, on black mat board in Loew-Cornell oil pastels. I forgot how good those were, they have a great texture and decent opacity. Lisa came over today at noon because she won't be able to come on Thursday evening, so we had a good time this week and she picked up the scarf she left here last time. I did four illustrations for my site in various oil pastels and borrowed back my old Loew-Cornell set that I gave her so I could review it. Did the color chart and everything, just have to write the page tonight.

Portfolio Leaf with Sgraffito now decorates my Portfolio Watersoluble Oil Pastels review along with its color chart on the same sketchbook page. Soft and creamy, the only cheap brand so far with a texture like Sennelier. Good for practicing for Senneliers.

Apple Blossoms in Loew-Cornell Aqua Crayon was frustrating, they are a lot harder than the regular Loew Cornell oil pastels. Very hard waxy crayons that come out thin when washed. I did their color chart too and will write them up tonight. Also did a quick sketch and washed it using the same brand wet in the same sketchbook.

Iris from Imagination wet with L-C aqua crayons, also for the same review page on my site that still needs to be finished.

I also got my webcam today. It'll take the place of a self portrait mirror because I did manage to use it the same way as my old webcam to get good stills while looking at the preview screen and fiddling with the lighting and my expression. I did a horrible video that I am not putting online, but have some test videos that include my cat! Too bad there's no way to edit them yet. I'm still learning.
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