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Today's Sketches -- 3 Reviews Done!

Overripe and Underripe from imagination, Crayola oil pastels in ProArt sketchbook.

Blue Flower from February Challenge in the Oil Pastels forum on WetCanvas, Van Gogh oil pastels on ProArt sketchbook.

Cougar Study from Southwestern and Western Art forum's February Challenge on WetCanvas in Reeves oil pastels on ProArt sketchbook paper.

Mirrored from artsomofo. Of course there's a reason I was fooling around with three different brands of student oil pastels today. I wrote up all three of these reviews for http://www.explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com and that's six reviews in two days. Wow. Only four more to go out of the eleven sets I got yesterday.

I'm cranking through the color charting and testing at a good clip. I still want to do a pastel painting for the current Pastel Journal contest, has to be a gray painting, predominantly gray. Prize is a set of 30 Essential Grays from Terry Ludwig, so it's a change from doing oil pastels. kayara gave me a good reference so maybe I'll have a shot at it. I also still have two and a half class assignments to finish that are late, Cat/Wombat, a couple of damaged ACEOs to replace with fresh art and other cougar studies. This is just the first.

I don't think this is the photo reference I'll use for the cougar commission, it was just an interesting coincidence that it popped up so I had to do it. The more big cats I draw, the better. Lisa didn't come over yesterday so our joint project and that half finished bobcat are still just waiting.
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Feb. 7th, 2009 03:00 pm (UTC)
I love the colors on the blue flower - wow. You mentioned the Western and Southwestern forum and I couldn't resist, I tried again at WetCanvas. Same computer, same modem, same everything, but for some reason TODAY I deserved a captcha! Wheee - so I'm signed up at last. That almost makes it worth being out of bed at 7 am (we had a horse escape that I had to deal with). Mind you, I am not at my best right now. I'm going to go drink some more coffee and browse the forums later. I want to go read your reviews, too. I find it both fascinating and amusing to see Crayola making oil pastels and wonder if they're any good. They do still make the best crayons ;)
Feb. 7th, 2009 03:32 pm (UTC)
Re: wow
Oh that is annoying. Is it just that your login ran out? That happens to me every once in a while. Yay, you got it. LOL -- you too?

I got up horribly early this morning. Just woke up before everybody and the sun was up. More like eight but still, weird for me. I think you had more adventure. I settled in to trying to download some photo references my friend Bill sent me and got a bunch more of them before IE started misbehaving and I had to close it.

Crayola oil pastels are pretty darn good! I was pleasantly surprised at how good they are. After the Reeves they were a joy. Of course they're probably as lightfast as food coloring but still, they have a good texture and aren't as crumbly as some.

That's six reviews done out of ten that needed to be done on new sets. I'm catching up with it. This is an awesome feeling. I'm also sorting which sets get stacked over across the room to get eventually given to kids and which ones stay near me for sketchbook use.

I'll have to see how the CrayPas Junior Artist ones handle too, they're a good brand. I've seen a couple of adult artists using Juniors and if they've got good texture, why not? Price is right.
Feb. 7th, 2009 06:03 pm (UTC)
Re: wow
I don't know what all the trouble was with Wet Canvas - it wasn't log in - it wouldn't let me sign up at all. Doesn't matter - I'm in now!

If the price is right - ain't that the truth? I'm not too proud to use anything if it is of decent quality and affordable. I'll look forward to hearing about the CrayPas, too. As far as lightfast - maybe it sounds cynical of me, but if people want to pay me $10 for a pet portrait and act like it's highway robbery (on my part) then I won't feel too bad if they stick the work in the sun and it fades in two weeks...Getting real crabby, aren't I? LOL Right now I'm doing mostly practice works, so I'm not too worried about them being of a quality to sell. The less expensive will work fine for me to work on catching the light and color and shapes and most of this stuff is just...end up laying around in my sketchbooks for 100 years. When I feel I'm ready to start doing work for sale, I'll spring for the higher quality media.

Ah well, you're good for me. I'll get that art education I never had and be the student for the next year or so I think (well always, of course, but more or less exclusively for now) as I make a more permanent commitment to western/southwestern art and equine art.

We strolled into a new shop on the main drag yesterday and discovered, among the outrageously priced antiques, they are also hanging representational art on the walls by local artists - mountain lions, southwestern scenery, etc. Whoot. So when I do finally have a few things together that I can shamelessly call a portfolio, if they are still in business, I'll have someone local who may show them. Their prices were pretty moderate, too - $150 to $350 or so - rather than insanely high or low (I've seen both in this silly town). The other new shop we explored had some nature photos by a local - not National Geographic level but not bad - and the prices on those I don't think she is even covering the cost of the frame and prints. *shaking head* This town is nutz.
Feb. 7th, 2009 10:05 pm (UTC)
Re: wow
I'd recommend Pentel if people are only giving you $10 for pet portraits. Seriously, they can't expect archival museum quality for that. Besides, some of the less expensive ones, Pentel included, say that they're fadeproof or have good lightfastness. I don't even mean less expensive, I mean the under $10 for a big set bracket of Dirt Cheap, which is very cost effective on normal drawing paper for $5 and $10 sketching.

I wouldn't put a lot of work into it for $5 though.

Some of the cheap ones rock. If those turn out to be decent for lightfastness too, then it becomes a matter of which brands to recommend for low end street sketching over others.

Ooooh that sounds great about the shop that's hanging local representational art. There are so many good subjects in your area that would be wonderful for that venue and those are good prices, not the insane-gallery level but good money. If I were doing something for $150 I would use the Specialists-on-up for what oil pastels to use. Will be when I do that cougar commission.

Until I find out about the Pentel lightfastness anyway, because up in that range it's not just supply but how well you did it.

What tempts me about CrayPas Junior is the boxes of black and white, if I wanted to do a class. They're $2.35 or so for a box of 12 black or white, and I could pick up cheap pads of toned paper for an outdoor sketching class then pass out a black and a white oil pastel for everyone in it at very low expense -- that sort of low is enough I might include supplies in the class fee or run it for a shelter.

I suppose I could do that with open stock on other brands, but the brands that have open stock are more expensive per stick. Actually it's a lot cheaper per stick just the 12 color set of CrayPas Junior. It impressed me though, it's pretty cool they do that. I could just imagine gray paper and loose black and white line sketching on it. That's the sort of thing I could do for $10 or $15 without hesitation, just draw what I see in a ten or fifteen minute sketch.

It'd be cost effective if I was street sketching with a lot of traffic around anyway. lol

I do know if I were down and out that'd be the first thing I got, Pentels and some kind of toned paper pad like Canson mi-Tientes or Strathmore Artagain. I guess in my head I'm still trying to tightwad ways to kit up homeless or unemployed people within my ability to subsidize it.
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