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Sketches and Reviews!

Blue Cup and Blue Flower Sketch both in CrayPas Junior Artist oil pastels to illustrate that review. Earlier I did another stone study:

Chert in Faber Castell Creative Studio oil pastels. All of these are on ProArt wirebound sketchbook paper like most of the review illustrations.

Two done, two to go. Only two more new brands that need reviewing, plus Niji arriving in the middle of the month. I checked ASW and got annoyed because they ran out of Marie's oil pastels again. It's almost worth spending an extra shipping charge to get that the next time it appears instead of waiting, since they keep running out of it. I'm surprised because they've had it consistently all along for so long!

Meanwhile there are a lot more projects begging my attention. I'm so close to finishing "the stack of reviews" that I may keep going with that. I also finally put the Blick ads on my pages, this morning took my time going back over the pages already done to put the Blick ads on, so if you plan on shopping, use one of my ads to go there. I haven't set up the product links yet because that's a little more complicated but at least I have basic ads that link to the Blick homepage.

Next step on that process is checking HubPages to find my account information for Amazon affiliate stuff and AdSense. It's easier to do that on Hubpages because they make it so automatic -- add a module, there's your Amazon link, choose the book title for keyword search and there's the right Amazon link.

I should probably do some more HubPages ones anyhow sometime. But not when building my site is on such a roll! I should probably write more eHows too, but again, my site is grabbing my writing time like I'm doing a new novel.

I have also ruminated on Curse of Vaumuru, on the new opener. It has to be very short, but it needs to establish that all the misfortunes in the first chapter are created by that one evil curse... one that got buried so long before it got triggered that the plants grew roots around it. So I think maybe I have to mention something about Vaumuru setting it off. And of course mention that it's a curse of stupidity.
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