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Writer's Block: Half a Glass

Do you consider yourself an optimist, a pessimist, or a realist?

Optimistic by personality, realistic in that I look at all the possibilities and choose to spend more time thinking about the positive ones and figuring out what they are rather than worrying about the negative. It drives people nuts because realists are supposed to be worriers, pessimists in disguise. I plan for the worst and dream of the best and have no expectations of what will really happen.

This drives people nuts too because most would rather decide in advance what's going to happen than wait to find out what really happens. There's a lot of social pressure toward pessimism. Worry is endemic and socially acceptable.

I can't afford it. I think about the negative just long enough to decide what I'm going to do if it happens and let it go. There are some things harder to deal with than that, but none of them are present reality. None of them are the future. All were certainties that happened in the past and can't be changed. Maybe re-understood in light of more knowledge, like understanding how much dread of any physical disability people had while I was growing up. It doesn't change what happened though.

Doesn't make it right or any less painful. The thing is that my life has been improving more or less ever since childhood. The worst parts are way behind me. The good things that came into my life when they did were so often better than anything I'd ever known that I know the unknown can hold things I'd never expect that are wonderful. Including that things I work long and hard at will eventually happen and sometimes come out very well.

I only think of it as "right" or not, "fair" or not if it's something in relation to human beings. I know the difference between injustice and misfortune. Both are real. Either can be a disaster and I don't think any misfortune is deserved. I don't think that karma is a matter of immediate punishment either, Kitten pointed out that the karma of ancestors or place or country can be as powerful a force as individual karma, so that's not necessarily that you did something awful to Deserve This in a past life.

No, I didn't do anything to deserve being a cripple. But I have made something good out of this life I'm in and I love my family, live well, enjoy it now far more than I ever did in my miserable youth and unendurable childhood. Life's still got that upward curve.
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