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www.artbymackburoker.com is a classic artist's website. It's got a fancy portal page with moving attractions, so you may want to click past that and bookmark the first page instead if you're on dialup or have an older computer with less RAM: www.artbymackburoker.com/originals.html has his best art right up front plus tabs to lead to prints, lino cuts, artist's bio, contact page and an elegant Links page with quite a few useful links under his favorites. They include the big ACEO group on eBay and some other groups and useful sites and they now also include my oil pastels site because he liked it.

Mack's art ranges from realism to surrealism, abstracts and whimsicals. He does some incredible cats, one of the reasons I always loved his art is that his cats always have so much character. They're not sentimentalized. They're rendered in beautiful realism with glistening eyes and accurate body language -- they're in motion staring up at a bug or laying flopped and flat as only a cat can get with head turned sideways, cat lovers will recognize every odd cat pose that real cats get into in Mack's art.

Prices range from large elegant works in the $149 range down to $14.99 ACEOs for originals, they're quite affordable and a bit low for the gorgeous quality. His mediums include acrylic, lino cuts, graphite, watercolor and pen and ink.

Check it out. Mack Buroker's an artist whose works I've collected in the past and I'm continuing to watch him in the future. I had no idea he was doing so many good large works since I mostly got his ACEOs and know him from the big ACEO group.

He wrote to me with some useful tips on website building and that made me smile, because almost every one of them was something I'd already done thanks to the business plan that comes with my SBI! site. If I'd wanted more proof that I got what I paid for with that, it's there.

His suggesting a Links page reminded me of what I've been doing with my links. Usually I try to keep them contextual and often put them into the middle of an article where they're relevant. I will get around to doing the Classifieds page eventually though, with services of interest to artists, art supply companies, artists' websites, anything relevant to oil pastels art creation and collecting.

I am in a links exchange program but the focus is a little different, it's more on making very close matches so that a link is more than just something to tell the search engines the page is a crossroads. I don't actually know which strategy works better, the specific contextual links approach seems to be working for me and his Links page is so attractive and well laid out that I would think it also works in its way -- certainly I'll be going through it looking at some of the places I haven't been yet.
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