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The Gray Painting

This is "Crash of Waves," the oil pastels study for my Pastel Journal contest entry. The deadline is February 15th. I put this contest on my goals for January, didn't do my entry and have been procrastinating ever since.

Now the deadline is almost on top of me. For a couple of days now I've been stressed without really understanding why. Then it caught up to me. The day before I had drawn something and still had that gnawing feeling. Oh duh. It's the onrushing deadline.

Waiting for a day that I felt good enough to start wasn't going to cut it. I took out a sheet of pale yellow Colourfix. Clipped that on the clipboard. Procrastinated.

Realized all my soft pastels are buried under one of the monster stacks of new oil pastels sets. Scruffled through that and pulled them all off, took out the soft pastels sets -- Conte color, Rembrandt and Sennelier -- then restacked all the oil pastels back where they were and put the pastels on top, softest at the bottom and hardest on top. Conte > Rembrandt > Sennelier. Rest after that activity.

Get out the pastel pencils which were right under my mouse, take out a light gray one and sketch the blasted thing. Redo the sketch about four times. Got a sketch I liked. Did not photo the sketch. Set it aside. Procrastinated.

Opened the Conte. Procrastinated.

Started coloring the sketch to produce my Stage One. This painting is being done in the Colourist style that I've been learning in Still Life the Colourful Way on WetCanvas.com and when I still have two and a half assignments to complete I'm plunging into a contest entry that I can't get any advice on or help with because that's against the contest rules.

Please do not critique this project until I have announced that I sent it in.

Comments that are just cheering me on to help me get over my nerves aren't critique. Vague "that's cool" and happy comments just cheer me on. Saying "stop there, it's wonderful" is critique so please don't, much as you may want to at some later points. I appreciate that particular critique a LOT on many artworks but this one I can't have any help.

This is the Faux Fauvist Stage One, since I'm doing it with the Colourist method from my class. This garish primary-colored first layer will eventually be grayed down to where it's all beautiful subtle grays close to the photo reference from Nerwen Green that I'll post below, since I finally found the low resolution version on my Desktop.

The method is great for breaking it down into stages. It just gets nerve wracking because the first stages are so loose and abstract, they don't look like something I'd do. Still, I think this is going to work. I've seen it work before and snap to being very cool on other paintings, so this is going to work.
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