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Writer's Block: Self-Indulgent

If you had to give up one indulgence for 40 days, what would it be?

Buying art supplies. I'm used to 30 day intervals so another ten days would not be a big deal to me. The bigger question is why would I give up any indulgence or pleasure for 40 days? I do not believe in self denial for its own sake and I do not belong to any of the religions that have this practice. I can think of only one reason I would do that -- so that I could get a bigger art supply order on the following month.

I am particularly annoyed at the idea that this sort of thing is a good idea. After the amount of real deprivation and trouble I've had in life, the number of times I've gone without necessities, I haven't got the slightest inclination to give up anything that's at all pleasurable. Especially when I've lost physical capacities that were never up to what other people had to begin with and lost most of the activities I enjoy for permanent.

Maybe it's good for someone who's never lacked for anything or lacked for any physical ability either to do something like that to experience it. Pleasures deferred sometimes are more intense when you come back to them. But when life's been hard in the first place and there were too many times in it when I had no indulgences, nothing that wasn't a necessity, not by choice but hardship, I don't see any need to subject myself to deliberate hardship.
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