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At last, I updated my site!

I couldn't believe that I hadn't posted a new article since the 13th. I have really had a very long series of sick days, less activity online than ever. Some of them I didn't even go online, most of them I didn't try to do anything serious.

Well, today I caught up and finally did the reviews for Niji and Louvre oil pastels. Maybe I can get back in the rhythm of new pages daily again.

I got on a binge at Qassia this morning too and wrote six new articles there, which might or might not have been approved yet. Two are on oil pastels and two on "restaurants" one why I hate them, one why La Madeleine is an exception and I loved it, a review of my webcam and something else. Ah. 13 Tips to budget better or some other frugality topic.

Anyway, today was a serious writing day -- seven articles is lots! my Qassia profile is the place where the new ones are listed if they're up already. Oh yeah, if you like the place, I get points worth more exposure for my articles that way. You can use it to publicize your website by writing new articles and it's extra points if they're on a weekly theme. "Restaurants" is the current theme.
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