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Two rounds later...

I did hurt my back a bit, especially my bad hip because I was running back and forth too much. But I found places to put some of the loose stuff that accumulated over next to me because I was sitting in my chair when someone handed it to me and didn't have the energy to get up. The spare lightbulb for my ceiling fixture is not something I need to have within reach every day. It can actually get put away in my bathroom cabinet, not too many steps to walk if I also have to get the ladder to put it in or get someone to help and use the stepladder.

The big messy stack in front of the easel shelf is moved. The top loader packs under the easel have been retrieved and dusted. The drafting brush I was looking for every day or two for months has been found under a big pile of other stuff that included books, papers, packaging from sets of oil pastels, boxes, my lap desk, boxes of envelopes and other mailing supplies -- I really need to take one tub and use it for "extra things that need replacing" so that I have only one box of envelopes handy all the time, only one roll of packing tape, a couple of padded mailers ... and the rest is all in one place where if I know I need some mailing supplies I check there before ordering anything.

That's an across-the-room item though not really a cold room item since I might have trouble getting up the back stairs on a day when I need the packing supplies. Or maybe I could keep it out there if they're mostly long term storage.

I found floor space.

I also found some empty pill bottles I was saving to store small stuff in and the loose polished stones I've been using for still life objects all got put away in a couple of them, much easier to organize those if I have things to keep them in. The one box I had for them overflowed when I unpacked and found an entire bag of them and so they've been knocking around loose on my table.

I'm now resting my back and reaching under the table to pull out small stuff, much of it very useful if it hadn't been buried so deep. My porcelain palettes. The actual usable roll of packing tape. The box of cotton swabs. Most of this stuff was important or I wouldn't have put it right next to me, but has been impossible to dig out because big boxes and things were on top of it.

So this will work. I will finish it in stages and live with a messy stack on the chair for a while. I did every time I moved anyway and this is going to be a lot nicer than a move. I'm only getting rid of what I actually don't want to keep, not getting rid of things I use and love but don't have space to pack.

It's also not surprising most of what's down there is high priority because last time I organized, that looked like an easy place to get at all of it. That it wasn't is something I couldn't know till I tried it. If I put a small plastic drawer unit under there, that could change. It would have to be quite small though with short drawers so that there's room to get into all of them.

And tomorrow I start doing daily art again as a preliminary to the spring artsomofo in April. diana_mae_potts suggested trying it in March and I took her up on it, so there will be some form of image every day in March, gods willing. Photos count though.
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