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Clean Chaos

The floor is done! Karl came in and helped move furniture and get everything up off the floor, so now the entire floor of my room has been vacuumed and steamed. The carpet is four shades lighter and vaguely damp. My bed is piled three feet deep in stuff, indiscriminately mingled long term storage stuff, things I looked for and found only when taking it all apart, and things I use every day that are now buried under all of that.

Sometime before I get to bed I at least have to sort and put away everything that's on the bed. But I also have to get my stuff out of the living room where some of it washed up, since the kittenlets will be coming downstairs and I don't want them getting into any of my art supplies. That would be bad for me and for them.

But at least now I've got a good idea of what I have. One small bookcase has been emptied too, the other one can stay packed up exactly as it is because it's organized and Karl was able to move it without emptying those shelves of canvas boards and colored pencils sets.

So while I'm in a lot of pain, I also know I need to get up and keep going. The spring cleaning is only half done, the slow part of sorting everything that got taken out is ahead and it may be a few days before my room makes any sense at all.

Then again usually when I move in somewhere it takes about a month sorting and unpacking everything so this isn't that different -- it's cool that it's all clean. Way cool that it's all clean.
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Mar. 3rd, 2009 01:54 am (UTC)
Way to go on the spring cleaning. I've been doing that too.
Mar. 3rd, 2009 02:14 am (UTC)
Thanks! Aww that's a cute avatar. I got some stuff off the bed and got the stuff that I put in the bathroom to get it out of the way back in here. But it's going to continue all night or rather, all night will continue till the bed's cleared.

I'm losing judgment clearing out the bathroom stuff first when I'm not going to try to sleep curled up on the dryer. But my cat might and I don't really want him in my oil paints.
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