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Daily Art Second Day...

Blue Delphinium, Erengi oil pastel on canva-paper, about 6" x 8" but the painted area is obviously more like 5" x 7" with plenty of room to mat it. I like how this one came out.

Spring cleaning has reached its peak of chaos. We got everything off the easel and the easel folded up and moved a lot of my stuff out into the hall and the living room while kittenlets were at their nap. Karl vacuumed and steam cleaned my floor, he even moved all the furniture to get under it which was awesome. My carpet is clean. It even has a wonderful clean-soap scent in here and has now dried.

I had two feet of stuff piled on my bed so the rest of the day was my getting up, putting away a few things, my back spasming so I sat down to rest again. At eleven or so I finally got the last of everything that was on the bed and started this oil pastel sketch with wash -- before midnight though!

I still have a big laundry basket of stuff to sort plus a stack of stuff in the middle of the room to sort and the stack of big mat boards to sort. I haven't even begun sorting books or taking those down yet, but that doesn't need Karl's help and may not start till I'm done putting away art supplies.

And have books coming starting tomorrow, go fig. I'll bet the new ones wind up on the floor in front of my cart the way they always do. It just works that way. But chaos is evolving toward order and it's clean in here!
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