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Progress on Spring Cleaning

This photo shows everything that still needs sorting. I did get the bed cleared off last night so I could sleep, despite being in a lot of pain. Today I sat in front of the chair and sorted all the good stuff that landed on it that was usually right in reach -- the stacks of books and magazines that wind up right in front of my chair between it and the cart, the pads and things next to it that sat on the floor by the easel, that stuff. I dug my Prismacolors out of that stack along with my zippered Graphitints set. The bigger tin set migrated across the room for now.

I am getting somewhere with all this. I still need to deconstruct and sort that big laundry basket of stuff and the pile that's on the plastic bag -- stacked there when there wasn't any more room on the bed, now also holding recent magazines that haven't been sorted and some things that'll go on the bottom shelf of the bookcase.

The next phase is pretty slow -- sorting that stuff, packing some of it for storage or putting it up under the table where I used to have the tubs in a hard to get stack.

But the worst is over -- the things I use everyday are back in reach and the piles are at least organized into piles.
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