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It's here at last, the great five drawer Taboret... is in a big cardboard box leaning against the wall of the living room because it definitely needs some Assembly. I need to let my pills work and sit still long enough to wake up despite my excitement before I tackle anything so physical. But it is here and that is the first step toward order and decluttering my room!

I think I waited this long because I had habits from the fugitive years of not buying anything that I couldn't be sure I could pack and haul with me if I moved again in three months. My life has changed, profoundly for the better. I like not being on the road. There were times it was fun but there were many more times it was hell.

I also got the little package with the unsharpened Walnut Hollow oil pencils. Favorite of woodcrafters, these are in one of the more inconvenient packages I've ever seen. Tempts me to find space in one of those zippered pencil cases, or pick up a new one sometime. Next time I shop at ASW I can toss in an inexpensive nylon case for these. It's just a clear plastic tray with two layers, you can't get at all the colors at once, they're supposed to be taken out and kept in a can or pencil case.

Brilliant Colors * Acid Free * Photo Safe... Pencil Makers Association confirmed that these conform to ASTM standard D4236, which may mean nontoxic. It doesn't come out and say nontoxic but it's got that little seal on it. Like a new box of Prismacolors, these are jumbled in random order. Makes it hard to see what the range is, but there seem to be a lot of variations on reds and oranges. Metallic silver and copper are included, oddly no metallic gold. Interesting pencils. Of course I want to try them on wood, that is one of two reasons I got these aside from being able to review all the colored pencils I can lay my hands on.

Ah, Luminance... not next month either. Not till I'm much farther along testing all my oil pastels supplies. They sound good but they are so pricy. Caran d'Ache is out to beggar me.

I also got two books in today. Learn to Paint Oil Pastels by Jacqueline Black, which has a rather jazzy still life of tomatoes or apples on bright green and blue on the cover, and Oil Pastels Workstation by Jane Hughes, a freelance illustrator. Workstation includes a set of 16 oil pastels, as advertised they are untouched and sealed in their tray. Pretty neat. I'll have to review this one in both the Oil Pastels section and the Books section of my site.

Unfortunately, you can't order the Workstation oil pastels separately from the book. They're really meant just as a starter, I guess. It's a pretty convenient setup. Five sheets of microperforated strong white drawing paper are included bound into the back of the book too, so that's also awesome. I'm going to enjoy this one, it'll be fun to goof around with it. Someone on an Amazon review complained that the colors of the oil pastels were muted and had too many earth tones.

There's a gray and the Earth Tone Triad that I got used to in watercolors and all other fine art mediums -- a yellow ochre, reddish brown and dark brown. There's also a peach or light orange tint for when that's needed. Not a lot of earth tones. I guess that reviewer was expecting a range of nothing but brights. Earth tones are too useful though. I've been annoyed at sets that lack them.

So I know what I'll be doing today, along with my Daily Art. Just not sure where to start with this overwhelming variety of cool things to do -- it may take a while for the taboret to get assembled but it's going to be awesome when it is. If I don't get some energy for getting up to do it, that may have to wait for a good day. It'd be frustrating but I'm not going to throw my back cleaning up the studio.
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