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Some Assembly Required

I've started the slow, meticulous process of turning those giant cardboard boxes in the living room into beautiful assembled studio furniture in my room. So I'm likely to be blogging on and off all day with my progress, since I need to stop and rest after each bout of activity. That way I will manage to last till it's all done and still maybe have the energy to settle in and use the great new setup once it's organized.

I got the taboret out of its crate by myself. Karl had gone upstairs to nap while the kids nap, both big boxes were in the living room. So I tipped it on its end after opening it and removing the styrofoam, slid it out carefully which wasn't that hard, rolled it over on its side because I had gotten it face down.

I got it upright and walked it into my room. I picked up all the stray sketchbooks, art books and things that accumulated at the end of the rolling cart and maneuvered the taboret over there. The next step was almost a rest in itself. I sat on the floor, opened my tool kit, got the right screwdriver out with the right bit in it and put all the drawer knobs on.

There it is. I snapped a webcam shot, just to show you how cool this thing looks. The cardboard box on the top is the casters. Next step is to tip it on its side and bolt the casters on through predrilled holes in the legs. This is actually easy. It takes a bit of strategy for me to be able to do it alone due to strength issues but I found that if I balanced right, I could apply leg force while walking it rather than using my back muscles at all. Tipping it of course relies more on balance than muscle.

Once it's on the casters it'll zoom around the room with minimal effort and dart out of the way while I work on assembling the table. That will have to wait for Karl's nap to be over, since the broken chair needs to come out before there's space for the table.

However, before he gets up I can empty the small bookcase that's also in the way of the table and move it and the book stacks out of the way. It'll go somewhere across the room well out of the way and still be used for storage.

More later. I'm on my way to having a beautiful, real studio with everything organized in a way that'll let me draw and paint at a table for the first time in years. I also remembered last night that my lightweight field easel can collapse to being a table easel, so that will even make large oil paintings possible while spreading out.

Where the final arrangements go is up in the air. I'd like to come up with a plan that puts the guest chair somewhere that Sascha could see the screen of my laptop from it when we're watching dinosaurs together, and where I can make eye contact with the person in it. That might mean turning everything around and putting the easel next to the table instead of the end table currently occupying that space which holds the printer.

It may take several rearrangements to get this optimized. However it works though, it's going to be a lot more comfortable and a lot easier to keep clean and organized than it's ever been.
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Mar. 10th, 2009 10:22 pm (UTC)
It's beautiful!
Michaels has had a really nice 'craft' area set up on their website recently. I've been jonesing for an actual room to put it in...

Mar. 10th, 2009 11:34 pm (UTC)
Oh that's neat. I didn't realize Michael's had a website, thought they were just a brick and mortar store. Do they have a way to post your results and things?

I'll bet you're jonesing for an actual studio room. I have been tempted sometimes too -- till I realized that's pretty much what I live in. I have a studio that happens to have a smallish waterbed in it instead of a bedroom that's just for sleeping. I like it that way.

If I had to get up and go into another room from the bedroom that'd take another couple of spoons every day. It's not the most efficient pattern of life for someone with my chronic fatigue. I'd rather spend the energy saved on being able to do things like paint, or in this case actually reorganize the studio.

I did triumph and get the casters onto the legs of my taboret though, and now it is absolutely perfect. I am so happy with it. The drawers are big enough I can even keep my big Arches blocks in them.
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