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Moved the end table

No image this time, but I moved the taboret over where the end table was and put the end table over by the bed. This opened up a lot of space. I'm pretty sure some books or something will wind up on that table, easy to get at by just crossing the room. It looks nice, it's a good table. It was just a bit large for where it was.

Right now it's mildly inconvenient not having a good spot for my coffee cup, but when the big table is constructed that will become a whole lot easier. This cart will wind up rolling and roaming without anything on it needing to be plugged in, so it'll be a lot easier when guests are over for them to sit in this chair that I'm in now.

Though I think when we watch the dinosaur DVDs, Sascha will have to sit in my lap or behind me on the corner of the bed. I can't see a way to fit another chair at the table facing the same direction, that just won't work. No plan is perfect.

This one is becoming very comfortable though. It's still in progress but we are all ready to do the big table assembly. I haven't tried lifting it and walking it yet, I might be able to manage it if I'm careful though.

Once it's in here and out of its box it should be easier to build.

Right. If I don't actually get any sketches in today, I can at least post the photos of all this furniture moving. But I should do at least one easy sketch sometime today. I've been keeping up the daily art so well I'd hate to break the rhythm.
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