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Enough for tonight.

The process of Spring Cleaning and Organizing has now officially left my room a much bigger mess than it's ever been. That stack with the red and black toolbox and black hanging drawer snap-in on top of it is actually my bed. Pieces and parts of my wonderful new table are stacked up all over and on top of the pile of things that needed to be put away last week.

My right knee, right hip, lower back and right calf have also seized up to the point that the pain is breaking out through my medication. I'm not going to be moving till I've had some real rest, some sleep.

I did one more thing toward reducing the general chaos. I put a thin piece of plastic bubblewrap, the small-bubbles kind, under the small white book shelf unit, then stacked that up on top of the end table. It is a beautiful end table with a good finish that Kitten would be annoyed if I scratched it, but with something on it to protect it that's not a problem.

I also stacked some books in it, clearing off enough space on the bed that I can curl up and sleep if I don't go flinging my arms over my head.

So I think I will be at this for a while even after assembling the table. I did get all parts that came out of the box moved in here and they're all in more or less good order. I'm not sure where the floor guides are (or what they look like) but I did find the casters. The height with casters may not be too extreme, and putting casters would mean I could move the furniture in the room a lot easier if I change the arrangement later.

Eh, I might just use the casters anyway. They're cool. I'll see how the height is when I'm seated in that armchair though, might need to go for the lowest arrangement to be able to use it with an armchair rather than office or drafting table chair.

I'm happy about it, just reached the point of "Stop or you buy a month's bedrest with this, bozo."
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Mar. 11th, 2009 05:09 pm (UTC)
That looks like a major project. Man, you have STUFF! Actually, so do I, but it's mostly in cabinets, out of sight. Or under the bed.
Mar. 11th, 2009 05:28 pm (UTC)
Aha! The secret storage space that I do not actually have. There is no space under my waterbed, waterbed platforms are like platform beds. Otherwise some of this would've been buried under it all along. I envy your cabinets. This room doesn't even have a closet, which has frustrated me ever since I moved in.

But I can get a dresser and I don't really own a lot of hang-up clothes. Most times things like my leather jacket go in the coat closet in the hall.

This is a major project. You're right. It needed to be done -- oh boy did it need to be done. I'm just tired of working on it, especially the sorting and putting things away part that wipes me out so fast. Assembly will probably go easier, it's mostly sitting in the middle of the floor putting pieces together with tools. But bending to pick up books and walking to the shelves is much harder on my back and hip, so that part may take days to complete.

I want enough drawers and shelves to have places for everything. I have a lot of stuff, but all of it is important stuff. The books do need winnowing for those I'm willing to get rid of eventually, the ones I didn't like after I got them. I can't do anything about trading them in till June when Kitten gets back though.

So maybe I'll put off the Books Sorting project till then, when I can get a ride to a used bookstore and sell off all the ones I didn't want to get a few new-to-me good titles. Right now just getting it all put away has to be a priority. I'm sick of living in the mess. Same feeling that got me started on this Spring Cleaning.
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