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Angle of Repose, a photo with my QuickCam Pro of the meter-square stack of stuff by the bed after some table parts and books slid off onto the pile last night. Yes. The chaos in my room is a lot worse than it was last night when I worked my way around it and went to bed. Getting to the bathroom this morning was a little crazy squeezing past the armchair that should be tucked in under the table.

I must do Assembly today no matter how my body's feeling.

I woke up in a lot of pain with the sun stabbing my eyes. The window's situated by the bed in a way that usually means the sun will wake me up at some point between ten or eleven by getting me right in the face. I usually don't mind this, but I was up till four in the morning again last night writing another article for www.explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com.

It was inspired by yesterday's Daily Art. When I didn't feel like drawing much and pushed myself to do it, then ignored my reference, I wound up drawing well from memory. I'd always found drawing from memory difficult, but apparently had enough practice that I can do reasonably well when it's a familiar subject. So I wrote an essay about that, decorated it with the fruit still life and uploaded it only to notice it was a quarter to four when I finished the article.

Time flies while I'm writing. Especially if as I often do with my site articles, I'm rolling up and down editing and tightening and changing the format to make it pretty. It's different from writing fiction because I'm not trying to find out what happened. I know what happened, I drew that picture. Writing about something real is like life drawing. I can keep looking at the real thing for points to expand on and look at the prose to simplify and leave out extraneous detail.

It may only be fruits and towels so far, but drawing from memory will eventually let me do dragons and gryphons and the Port of Eastcliffe with its old lighthouse, the haunted rock in the bay, the elven ships moored with the human ones in the harbor. In my mind as I remember writing The Necromancer's Tale, I also visualize the place more clearly every time I think of it and know that someday I'll do it justice in illustrations. It will be easier to sketch for Curse of Vaumuru because I have so many good examples of prehistoric animal drawings.

But no one's seen the river dragon except me, in art I did in 2004. My big oil pastels poster got him right, and then I put him into a little life painting of the parking lot outside the window in my room to liven up the scene. Memory is one step away from imagination.

Today's art might be minimal again though, because despite the wonderful sunlight I need to get cracking on the Spring Cleaning by assembling the table. Once it is put together and right side up, I can bring the armchair up under it and have floor space and bathroom access again.

Then if I still have energy I'll attack that stack of books on the bed and shelve them. Or at least move them to the end table or something so that I don't cause more book-quakes tonight. The project of sorting all my books is too much to try doing on the same day that I assemble the table. So I'll prioritize -- today my goal is to build the table. Then maybe try to compact the mess or shove it onto the table before starting the big books reorganization.

Or just get the stuff out of the way somewhere so that I can concentrate on using the table for a few days instead of just continuously cleaning up. I could use a break when this part is done. I could treat the books reorganization as its own project and put it off till later, just try to get the room clean on this pass and find temporary places for everything that got displaced.

There is more storage than there used to be, so it should all have a good place to go. Plus deep storage stuff can go under the table again as it's easier to access over by the bed -- things like Sascha's birthday present can get tucked in where I can see it. She doesn't know it's hers because it's been stacked with my stuff and I don't think she quite grasps that the box being pink and having toys on it means it'll be hers. Hidden in plain sight. lol

I'm getting tired of doing this and it feels like I've been cleaning up forever. I want to get back to painting and drawing and be able to sit at the good new table and do it easier. Book sorting can become a gradual process I do later on. For now it'll be enough to put everything away somewhere it has a place and think about getting some kind of dresser or plastic drawer units next month.
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