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Daily Art -- Shell Study

In the course of cleaning up I found these large shells that needed to go into different drawers. They were filthy, so I cleaned them off with Turpenoid Natural, a citrus cleaner that worked very well for that. I drew this with Walnut Hollow oil pencils on white ProArt sketchbook paper. Those pencils have a great texture.

I'm also currently reading The Colored Pencil Painting Bible by Alyona Nickelsen, which is excellent. She covers some good points about composition and planning as any good art book author does, her ways of explaining these things are excellent. She has great prose, very easy to follow and doesn't wander off into technical areas a beginner wouldn't understand without putting them in common terms as well. It's familiar stuff to me but that let me really enjoy her prose style for what it is.

Going over basics another time doesn't hurt at all.

Her techniques are uniquely her own. The book's got a wide variety of techniques described but she is specific about which ones are her favorites and became part of her method -- without shorting techniques that might become more useful for someone else's method. She has a lot of little practical tips in it on handling the pencils, preparing photo references, dealing with highlights -- the book's a treasure for little tidbits about making Prismacolors do whatever you want them to.

She demonstrates lots of tough textures that make for great showoff paintings like pearls (something I'm particularly fascinated with), lace, cut crystal, flower petals. Many of her demonstrations are fruit and flowers because they don't walk off or change fast, and as she freely admits -- she likes them! I do too, it's cool to get to use all the bright colors in the front end of the set.

The book's definitely an important addition to my colored pencils books collection. It adds some tips and techniques not covered in the others and has a different approach that I'm enjoying as much as I did Arlene Steinberg's or Cecile Baird's.
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