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My art buddy Lisa's house burned last night. Karl and I found out when Kitten phoned me because Alfred texted her -- apparently their phones are out and he found some way to text anyway. It turns out that a friend of her grown son was smoking and tossing butts in the yard, where one started the fire.

Kitten drove back up here for the weekend and she and Karl are over there helping Lisa and her man get sorted out. They were able to camp in their house last night, so it wasn't the whole house that went up -- but still, that is such a shock.

I'm happy that they all got out. Apparently no one was hurt in it, they got out of the way of the fire and what's gone is property. Some of it irreplaceable. I remember some paintings including an antique one she owned that hung toward the front of the house and hope that didn't get irreparably destroyed.

They would've mentioned it if a cat got hurt or died though. Cats tend not to be caught in fires, they are good at getting out of burning buildings.

I don't know and won't know till Lisa comes over again whether she still has any art stuff at all or whether her paintings and drawings survived. With half their house gone or damaged, what got damaged or not is anyone's guess. I find myself hoping she'd left her supply bags toward the back or in her car, and that both the paintings she owns and loves and the great art she's done was all somewhere not in the burned area and survived with no worse than maybe a smoke-smell.

I know they're all right and hope they have enough of their stuff for day to day living and their work of various kinds. I hope their computer survived -- well, the texting is evidence that something electronic did, but Al's computer is important to him. I hope her sketchbooks and Civardi book and all those things didn't get burned up.

I don't know if I'll find out about it anytime soon though, those are the sort of things to find out when Lisa comes over rather than trying to ask Kitten and Karl about it. I'm also wondering if she'll even have time to come over anytime soon with what they need to do to reconstruct their lives after this. Kitten thinks the insurance will pay for the accident since it was not arson, just an accident.

Gods, that is horrible and must have been such a nightmare for them. I dread the thought of house fires, knowing how hard it would be for me to get out and harder afterward to replace anything important, even the basic important things like my laptop. Let alone the irreplaceables like my files and my finished art. I feel for her so much. She had so many things in there that meant so much to her, I find myself hoping her weird luck had her favorite clothes wet in a washing machine and other luck getting the things she cares most about out of the way of the flames.


While I was typing that last, while I was typing it -- Kitten came in. She came home to pick up the power drill. They're over there helping them rebuild the front porch.

They lost almost none of their stuff.

The fire did not go through an open door with a dried witch broom on it and a protective rune. The fire did not go past that rune. The fire did not set off the twenty propane tanks that would've turned the whole place into a holocaust. There's a lot of smoke damage inside and they're pressure cleaning the walls and stuff -- but it's a cleanup job, not a case of near-homelessness or homelessness or replacing everything from their lives.

Lisa's art, her art supplies, her favorite clothes, her paintings from other people, all things I know she cares about are all safe. The painting I bought from her that she kept forgetting to bring over once the show I lent it back to her for was over is safe. Kitten is bringing my painting home. She said Lisa mentioned that already. It's fine.

I'm so glad, Cave of the Mothers is irreplaceable, unique and beautiful. I'll snap a photo of it once Kitten brings it in and I get it up on the walls-- maybe tomorrow during the day to have daylight for the photo though, since they're going to be busy over there all day and probably all evening.

What's cool is that I am doing my part by sitting here typing. Yep. I'm home watching the kids. That means both of them can go help out doing the things I can't do. So the whole family has mobilized to help them and their whole family is out there working on it too, so they will have their home back in good order pretty darn soon.

This rocks. I am so relieved. Thank you to all the gods, hers, mine, all of them.
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Mar. 20th, 2009 10:19 pm (UTC)
That's amazing. They're so lucky.
Mar. 20th, 2009 10:36 pm (UTC)
It is! I am so happy about it. Kitten just brought home the art I bought -- it's intact and its frame wasn't damaged, nothing happened to it at all. I am so happy that they're okay and didn't lose their stuff!

By the way, I haven't forgotten you, just have not been able to get back to working on cat/wombat yet since I still have those two assignments I wanted to do first and the pastels were buried in my spring cleaning. You might get yet another extra butterfly though, since I saw a good reference on this week's Weekend Drawing Event.
Mar. 20th, 2009 11:00 pm (UTC)
That's okay, the spring cleaning looked like a big enough job on its own. I rally need to do some cleaning of my own; most stuff is where it should be but I seem to have lost a CD spindle with some fairly important CDs on it.

Also, yay butterflies!
Mar. 20th, 2009 11:13 pm (UTC)
Purrr thanks. Yeah, it has been. I have been at it for a month and it isn't done, but when I do finish it'll be grand. Actually it's reached a point where it's a bit more livable every day I do something.

I might tackle the butterfly in colored pencils, haven't decided yet between Prismacolors or oil pastels on it. But I know I want to do it next, it's beautiful.
Mar. 21st, 2009 09:39 pm (UTC)
I'm glad everybody is OK. It's amazing the fire didn't go past the door with the broom and rune on it. There really must be something to the sacred.

Mar. 21st, 2009 10:37 pm (UTC)
Oh yes! Sometimes things really are that elegant. Even the painting I bought from Lisa came through intact. It's now safely on my wall hanging in a prominent place. I should snap a photo of it and post it, since I've got daylight now.
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