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If you knew that a friend's significant other was cheating on him or her, would you tell your friend the truth or keep it to yourself?

That's up to them. I don't think I'd be the one to go blowing the whistle. For one thing I could stir up trouble and be completely wrong.

My grandmother told me a story of something that happened in the 1930s while she was running a beauty shop. A good friend of hers called her up in high excitement and horror, to give her the terrible news that my grandfather was sleeping around on her, had lunch with his blonde floozy at a public restaurant and everything and they were making up to each other like there was no tomorrow.

My grandmother kept a straight face and invited the friend over for coffee to talk about it. She'd just that day decided to bleach her hair to blonde and do something different with it, then went to lunch with her husband to show it off.

So that's a good reason NOT to go telling people that their partners are being unfaithful. I know that if a friend talks to me about it in confidence and asks for advice I'll generally give advice suited to the situation -- either come clean about it or not, cut it off or break up with the previous relationship. I don't have a high regard for infidelity as such. I respect other people's relationships.

But it's not my job to go policing them either and my advice is only advice -- as easily disagreed with as anything else I say.

I don't really understand the appeal of it.
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