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More Spring Mofo

artsomofo community is doing a Spring Mofo for April -- daily art from me and others who signed up to do it again at this time of year. I started this after midnight, so it does count for today, April 2nd.

Open Geode is 4" square on white wirebound ProArt sketchbook paper with Neopastel oil pastels. From life.

I also placed my monthly Blick order yesterday and will be getting a happy package in a week or so, maybe even sooner depending on how fast they ship it out. I'm getting the other 40 colors of Pan Pastels, some more Sofft tools and a big pad of Wallis sanded pastel paper.
I also bought some more construction paper for Sascha's drawing efforts, to keep a pack or two in my room for when she comes in to watch dinosaurs and draw.

I've been thinking about something for some time now, ever since I bought the Leonardo da Vinci sketchbook. That's the idea of trying to improve my drawing skills by filling a sketchbook in one month. So I put in replacement sketchbooks for the two that are starting to fill up now and I may try to push up to that level with it using one of them -- just set aside its in-progress size mate and start at the beginning, then try to do three or four pages worth of sketches every day in it and see if I can actually do it.

I would stand a better chance of success if I used the 4" x 6" sketchbook for it. That does also somewhat feel like cheating though, since the suggestion was in a 9" x 12" specialty one. I don't want to sacrifice that one to the project because I've already started in it and it's a showpiece -- it's become the special "save it for good drawings" sketchbook. But these wirebound ProArt sketchbooks I use with oil pastels or colored pencils aren't very expensive and are very high quality. Sturdy, good heavy strong paper and they last a long time.

I don't know if I'll start that when they arrive or wait till the start of May, but it should be interesting. I'm also thinking if I do succeed in keeping up daily art in April too that I might manage to keep the daily art habit permanent. I'd like to, it's been very good for breaking up my worst sick days by giving me something cool to do when I'm not up to anything else and it does seem to be helping my skills.
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