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Writer's Block: Trip Down Memory Lane

What's the best vacation you've ever taken?

The one I took for a lifetime when I decided not to look for work again after getting laid off from my last typesetting job. Seriously, I don't do vacations. The times that I have were frustrating and painful. When I go somewhere cool I want to live there for a year or two, that'd give me enough time to really enjoy it. I'm disabled and most vacation activity is too much work for too little enjoyment, pain tends to take the fun out of things like eating in restaurants and walking around seeing sights.

It took me years of repeated disappointing vacations to comprehend that. Road trips were fun though, driving didn't wear me out as much as other things, neither did riding in a car. The ideal vacation would be to go driving around and then camp with abled people who are doing all the physical things so that I can just relax and paint the scenery.

I've been tempted by reading about plein air workshops but have a bad feeling they involve vigorous hiking to get to the good spot. I'd be falling down wrecking the outing for everyone, then needing to be carried back after having slowed everyone else to a quarter of their walking speed. If I do manage to get up the money to go to an art workshop, I'll need to plan well and check them all out to find the one that can accommodate my physical special needs so that I can actually enjoy it and get something out of it.
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