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The package came!

PanPastels in nearly their full 60 color range -- one gray Tint was mispacked and so I wound up with two 840.7 tints but no 840.8 lightest tint of Payne's Grey, but that's pretty minor when I have all the other colors. Plus an entire pad of Wallis Museum, 12" x 18" -- a good big size if I want to do paintings that could go into galleries.

So this is the first painting I started with them. Title is Clouds and I've used both some Tints and Shades even at this earliest stage.

Okay... someone say it...

"Um, dude, there aren't any clouds in it. Why'd you call it Clouds?"

Because there will be. I'm experimenting all over the place, not least with making it up as visual fiction. PanPastels erase. So I'm going to attack it with a kneaded eraser and "draw" in some clouds by removing chunks of sky, then start painting over where they used to be and do good clouds into it. Then see if with eraser and Pans I can add some vegetation to this currently Precambrian landscape and make the water a little more interesting, add stuff on the banks, develop it into a painting you'd want to go to the place if it existed.

Right now it does look trippy to me without the clouds, but I had fun shading the sky.

My back has also recovered to the point it's not bugging me too bad as long as I sit still and rest. Yay for the fact that it does recover eventually. Gods that was stupid bending over all those times.

It might look silly to do it but the next time I'm doing laundry I'll bend over once and shuffle back and forth without standing up again in between. And lift the not particularly heavy laundry bundles from a squat instead of by bending over. I have to remember that's what throws my back even if I'm not as exhausted as by standing or walking too long.
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Apr. 8th, 2009 10:27 pm (UTC)
Yes, bending over like that is stupid for ANYONE. It's much better to squat if you can. Sadly, what throws my back out is washing the dishes; the kitchen sink is just that smidgen too low and I bend a little bit and by the end it's sooo painful.
Apr. 8th, 2009 10:35 pm (UTC)
Oh that bites. I hate it when the things in a kitchen are at the wrong level, that can screw up anyone.

I'll try to remember the next time I do my laundry, to get it up off the floor by sitting on the floor or to squat to get it and not straighten up till it's all in the machine. I could cut that in half if I just stay down once down.
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