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Writer's Block: Get Real

What reality show would you most want to be a contestant on? What would your strategy for winning be?

Years ago the Sci Fi Channel did a reality show titled Weird Weird House, they had five counterculture people from various subcultures (most of which I knew intimately) including a rather photogenic Wiccan priestess, a voodoo priestess, a vampire, a naturist, a lot of cool folks. I would have liked to be on that show as one of the weirdos. Though I'm not sure I'd have qualified since I was and am not so pure as to fit in just one subculture.

But the things they did were a lot of fun and everyone who was on the show got a better insight into each others' lives and habits and cultures. It was very positive, it wasn't about tearing apart other people.

I suppose I could've gone on as A Science Fiction Writer and put them all through writing exercises and gotten them doing cool things on the computer. It would've been fun. But maybe I'm just not weird enough for that. They kept a blog of the whole thing. Some of it was a bit too athletic for me though, it was about people who weren't so limited by their bodies. Maybe "A Disabled Science Fiction Writer" could've taught them something about getting around limits, maybe shackle them so they can't walk or make them wear weights, make them try to live around the kind of physical limits I've got.

Especially when so many of the activities were physical, putting them through limitation exercises ala Vonnegut would've been a sharp contrast to make them think and recognize what resources they all had. All the freaks had to participate in the other freak things too though, it really was a meeting of minds.
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