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Daily Art

Flowering Trees in Washington State, reference posted to the April 10th Weekend Drawing Event on http://www.wetcanvas.com by Elainepsq along with the orange cat I did in Pan Pastels. She has a Siamese and a couple of great floral macros I want to do this week too. I used only half the page because the image was vertical, not panoramic and I couldn't crop it to panoramic without losing either the grass or the flowers.

Winsor & Newton Artist Field Box pan watercolors with the Kolinsky round size 6 brush from the set Kitten bought me for Christmas this year. I miss her, and taking out the watercolor journal she bought for my birthday in 2007 and using the brush from this year's gift made me think of her and smile. I've been keeping this journal too close, too special, holding off on doing anything in it for fear of getting bad pages in -- which is silly since it has pages of just color charts in the dang thing. It is a sketchbook.

It may be a clean, classy, leatherbound very fancy archival sketchbook but if I dare to fill it and use it I will be a much better painter by the end than I am now at the start.

I've also been watching some good watercolor videos from http://www.how-to-draw-and-paint.com -- a wonderful basic art instruction site that is a model for how big and cool I want my oil pastels site to be when it grows up. It's truly splendid. Self taught Liverpool artist Bob Davies is a good teacher. His articles and videos are entertaining, inspirational and loads of fun.

As usual, the UK seems to have a more respectful view of people who paint for a hobby or to relax. There seems to be less assumption that hobbyists aren't good painters and only the ones doing it for money get any good at it. Obviously professionals have to be competent to be successful, but the only way to measure an amateur's skill is to look at the paintings and enjoy them. How many brilliant painters only get "discovered" or marketed or famous after they're gone or after they've been at it for years, because they weren't setting out in life to Be Painters but had completely different other lives?

Winston Churchill was a good painter and Davies mentioned that there's a book out examining his life and career through his paintings. That's pretty cool actually.

I wonder if someone ought to send a nice Winsor & Newton paint set to Barack Obama? He might appreciate something to relax with along with basketball.
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