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My wonderful Paranoid ATC from author/artist Jillian Lambert! I did a hummingbird for her and she promised me a Paranoid card because I'm such a serious Brainsick fan. Brainsick rules -- it's her graphic novel in long slow progress with wonderful characters, chilling villains, dramatic over the top plot and setting -- great graphic novel and I hope she gets more done on it soon!

She also sent me an artist's proof print -- Decay. This is gorgeous and reflects one of her other specialties -- chimerical creatures that often have some hummingbird parts.

Oh yes, the lady is a Dark Artist. She is phenomenal and I love her work, her dark art is also always filled with tremendous empathy and compassion. I love Paranoid the character and I'm not even into dogs, go fig!

She also sent all of it in a watercolor greeting card 5" x 7" with this incredible painting of someone very close to my heart...

Ari is getting framed for my Good Art Wall. This is such a great likeness! Thank you so much!

All this art came several days ago but I was too sick to look through my mail and sort it out -- me dummy, had no idea these wonders were hiding there under the nags to resubscribe to magazines. Sorry if the delay left you worrying if I got it, Jill. It's all glorious, I can't even pick a favorite of these three though of course I love my Ari!

I'll put today's art in another post. Jill's deserves its own showcase post!
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Apr. 15th, 2009 02:29 am (UTC)
Purrr thanks for telling me what you painted Ari with. You must've dissolved color and worked wet, I could not see any pencil texture anywhere in it. Wonderful painting. I love it so much. You captured that dark face I love so well and that wonderful curved shape he gets flopping on his side.

He's on the bed ignoring everything right now with his head upside down, being very cute and scruffy at the moment.

Yay for more Brainsick! Please, please email me or message me when you post more of it. I can't wait for this next installment. I'd love to have a copy of the whole thing to date too, it's been a joy to me since I first discovered it.

Edited at 2009-04-15 02:29 am (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 15th, 2009 04:35 am (UTC)
I do that with Inktense too! It's such wonderful colored ink when it's used that way, either off the tip or off a scrap paper palette. Much better than the bottled colored inks I've tried, though I would not want to load it into a technical pen.

Awww that Gimpy pose is sweet. I've seen Ari and Gemini do that too. Almost drew Gemini that way but she sat up and looked at me while I was doing her rear half so I did the new pose -- she hadn't moved her rear so I could just keep continuity.

Please, please do email me the entire document so far. LOL just imagining my Pleistocene characters stumbling into Brainsick. They would be so very, very confused and disoriented. But I think they'd cotton to the evil around there. I'm pretty sure Badger would be picking up on it.

Finch is very cool. I like all the characters. You have something spectacular there and I can't wait till it's finished, drawn, published and complete -- it deserves to be a major hit.
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 15th, 2009 11:00 am (UTC)
You have that book too? I just bought it and it's so much fun. I need to really indulge myself one day and just settle in with pens and watercolors to do something splendidly detailed and realistic. I'm focused on my oil pastels site right now but maybe after working on an OP piece, I can get started on a pen/wash one too. Or do one on the side for one of the Weekend Drawing Event things.

I get so tempted to get the seven pen set of Rapidographs that I used to have. I loved them but I murdered so many of them that I finally gave up and didn't replace them. I've decided that if I do replace the set, I'm going to do what my friend Kristina does to protect hers -- pour the remaining ink back in the bottle after every session because I know that I could easily set it aside, have a week of sick days or forget about it for a month and then have dead expensive pens.

Gimpy sounds like such a sweetie. You have to try sketching him in the tummy up poses, Ari does that too and it's adorable -- and deceptive, that is the "Come play with me if you don't mind being grabbed with claws and play-bit a lot" pose. Like that line from Get Fuzzy when Satchel was asked to wake up Bucky. "But he's laying pointy side up."

Purrr you did and I just answered and thanked you -- and reread the opener. OMG that is better than Iremembered. I'd love to see your rendered shots of Hades Laboratories. That's so neat! Yikes! That had to be a hard time with the software, not with art itself. I'm glad you did pass at least and glad you were happy with your results.

LOL -- no, Badger isn't a villain. He's the shaman of the Little People, mountain little people a lot like Flores Man. I may move them to an island for more accuracy. He's a good shaman, very clever, good healer, great personality and he joins forces with Thagar, the healer-shaman of the Black Rock tribe against Vaumuru, the cannibal Blood Eater magician-warrior who's hunting Thagar to eat him and take his power and bind his spirit.

Part of the backstory that I don't know if it comes through or not is that the Blood Eaters are a warrior people who really work at being scary, they like their nasty reputation and do everything they can to heighten it. That's part of their cultural paradigm. But the whole process of cannibalism is actually in some ways sacred, it's something they honor particularly powerful enemies with, and it's also something they do to bring outsiders into the tribe.

If Vaumuru won he would take Thagar's wife or wives and kids, he would bind Thagar's spirit and take his power, and he would wind up eventually accepting the captives into the tribe at the point they are willing to accept the initiation feast. Which would not be of an enemy but of one of their own elders -- they have funerary cannibalism so this process of his hunting other shamans is also a way of bringing them at least spiritually into the tribe to increase its magic.

Of course in as highly magical a world as my novel, this isn't fictive. The captive shamans are none too happy about this assimilation but they would presumably settle down and start participating like spirit elders until they were ready to reincarnate -- into the tribe.

What would be fun in Brainsick would be the Smilodons themselves. Or Ootha the white angry spirit mammoth -- a white animal with quite a lot of magical power and a really nasty disposition. He'd make some serious havoc around Hades Laboratories but at the same time being a rather obvious white elephant type, they'd be looking at the money and probably be trying to capture and clone him. Considering that in Jurassic Park the point was made that reconstructed extinct species do not have the usual animal protection laws and so they have free rein to do what they want...

It'd be amusing, that crossover. Something that maybe when we're both done we could do as some little silly side bit. And draw of course, maybe by then I'll have Three Dead Punks and a Telepath done too.

(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2009 03:50 am (UTC)
It would be a hoot! I'd love to do it with you sometime -- when Brainsick is done and we can put it on the site as a little added value cool thing, or have it available as a chapbook sample. I could really see that.

The connection would be through visions too. I can see it. My characters all have spirit visions and one at least IS a spirit -- Bolitha, that grand old lady who kicked up her heels once she died when she caught on she had to be listened to! Gives those shamans NO peace. She'd be a kick and a half.

This would let the smilodon spirit, Ootha and the other creatures into the story and let the art roam wild into all the hallucinatory delights that you create... then with some little sidelight panels as both come out of it into their own realities having learned something. It could actually even make sense as a story that way, since you mentioned Decay coming from Lily's nightmares.

The connection would be Lily-as-Smilodon getting caught up in the temporal leak and answering Thagar's call, then getting the idea they could help against Hades on the magical level. It'd work!
Apr. 15th, 2009 11:01 am (UTC)
Okay, I know when I've been up all night beacuse my comments run over the character limit...

Whooohoo! Yay for Creative Writing class. I'm so glad that your teacher is letting you continue your personal stories. That's a good Creative Writing teacher who knows that you've got motivation to get going -- and knows what Creative Writing is for, rather than just to produce a few poetical essays that get printed in little literary magazines.

I read some essays in Creative Nonfiction that an ex housemate, Starweaver gave me, his textbook had a bunch of them. I blinked and was confused at most of them -- they were like plotless stories, most of them not even all that clear on theme but mostly diddling with the language and pretty descriptions and metaphors.

I could generate one in my sleep but I'd be embarrassed to put it in print without a plot and some sarcastic characters with good lines, although the immersive setting would be possible. But if I were in his class turning in one, I might or might not get a good grade for the Creative Nonfiction thing being a lyrical chapter about life around La Brea back when the Smilodons were getting stuck. Or in the Cretaceous or the Cambrian -- it'd be tempting to do one on the Cambrian and get into the mollusks and corals and trilobites sympathetically. That would be an artistic challenge -- and it would also have some science-interest too.

Weird ideas crop up when I've been up all night because that might be worth writing, devil if I know where I'd send it though.

Glad your class is going to give you credit for working on the story. Very glad because classes soak a lot of time and I'll get to read more sooner!
(Deleted comment)
Apr. 18th, 2009 03:52 am (UTC)
Hehehe that could be amusing considering characters I have that don't have a room. Some would be describing the contents of a backpack. Others would be talking about the scent of their den or how they construct a nest. Loads of fun.

Yes, I would like to see the room assignment, that'd be neat. Please do keep sending portions of the story as they're completed. I'm loving it.
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