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Daily Art

Daffodil, painted in Daniel Smith watercolors on the right side of the page yesterday's flowering trees are on. I used the Kolinsky round again and love, love, love the detail that fine pointy tip gives me. It's a joy to use that brush. Thank you so much, Kitten!

Here's how the page looks as a whole.

Then because I still had some washes sitting out in a porcelain palette, I cut a couple of ACEO blanks in Cotman watercolor paper and decided to paint another daffodil for an ACEO and list it on eBay. So here it is!

ACEO Daffodil, 2 1/2" x 3 1/2" in Daniel Smith watercolor on 140lb Cotman watercolor paper.

Of course just because I decided to do it to use up those washes doesn't mean I used many of them, I wound up doing a different color of daffodil and using colors from the tubes rather than the wash mixes I already had. I did use more than one color in the grass but did that by glazing rather than mixing.

It's so bright and gorgeous today. There are new leaves on the trees. I'm thoroughly medicated and feeling better than I have recently, so I'm tempted to do more today. While I was working on the first daffodil in my watercolor journal, I wound up waiting for the background to dry -- so I went to my site and added another book review. Two days in a row that I've done pages. Maybe I can start doing a page a day and beef up that site some more.

I blocked on doing all the book reviews but it also needs more demos in a big way, more specific technique lessons like scumbling or specific subject lessons -- I don't have anything about drawing animals yet or landscapes or anything like that and still have three more book reviews to do.

I think somewhere around my hindbrain "book reviews" got mixed up with "book reports for school" which were almost impossible to get around to if I was at all late on them. I haven't read two of the books I decided to review, so I'll do those reviews as I finish the books. I went so hogwild on books in February that I am now ahead of myself in reading -- and still working on studying Carlson's Landscape Guide, which turned out to be a slow read.

However, maybe once I finish that I'll review it under the "books of general interest for artists" that can help with oil pastels or any medium. It is a great book, it's tremendously useful. It's just that like the Jack Hamm books it's a lot to take in all at once!

I should review those too on the same page. Ah well. Maybe I'll plow into doing book reviews and get that section done if I'm starting to get focused on doing one area at a time.
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Apr. 15th, 2009 04:46 am (UTC)
Thank you! Oh it's fun. I drooled after watercolor journals and watercolor sketchbooks for years, then Kitten bought this one for my birthday the one before last and I'd been too afraid to use it for anything -- except I sensibly put in color charts of artist grade watercolors early on so that I'd have them for reference when I wanted to figure out something. I do that in most sketchbooks, even the showoffy ones have color charts.

The self portrait I did in October 2007 is eerie, the first painting in there next to the color chart for the Winsor & Newton Field Box. It looks older than I look now. I've been gaining health and it's doing something for how my face looks -- less sagging and wrinklish, more craggy-mature but not falling apart.

Then there's more Winsor & Newton watercolors charted on the back of that page and across from it a sycamore branch with some leaves that I did outside in 2008. I think it was sometime in summer.

Turn that over and there's a chart for my Yarka Professional watercolor pans across from a chart of all my Daniel Smith watercolors. That's all that was in it till now, I did those paintings on the back of the Daniel Smith color chart.

I'm glad to be able to use both sides of these pages. They are so thick and stiff that they stand up to it.

Daniel Smith watercolors are great. They are as good as the Winsor & Newton Artist watercolors. Very very strong pigment, very finely ground pigment, they flow nicely and when I wet them again they lift easily. I got tubes since they didn't come in pans and it's been good, I've got blobs of all the colors squeezed out in two plastic palettes with lids and they wet again easily just like they were pan colors -- the best ones.

Of course once in a while I drool over the thought of getting their full monty thousand dollar set of all their colors of watercolor. That'd be insane. I'd spend a lifetime understanding all those pigments, especially the near-neighbor colors and how they mix. Just organizing 225 colors in watercolor would be a massive challenge. But there are a lot of them that I still want, like the Primatek ones.

Thanks for the tip about the oil based intaglio ink. I haven't actually done intaglio printing since high school but I'll keep that in mind if I ever do it again. I'd probably have gone for theirs since I love the watercolors so much.

I've made a new resolution to keep up the watercolor journal and actually fill it. Seems silly to have one painting per year in something this sturdy and beautiful. It's a Moleskine one, 5" x 8" pages with the binding on the short side and a black leather cover with an elastic band to hold it closed.

Just playing with it makes me dream of going on trips and having it in hand with the little Winsor & Newton field box in my pocket. But with today's security I couldn't fly with the pocket box because the brush is metal, go fig. Used to be you could show something like that to the security people when it beeped so they know what it is and that was that, but now they won't let you take nail clippers on planes. I hated flying though.
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