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Daily Art and Two More Book Reviews!

Magnolia in Pentel oil pastels on my 4" x 6" ProArt wirebound hardback sketchbook. I love that small one, those fill up so fast. I think this is the fourth one I'm working on and a brand new fifth is sitting clean and virgin in a drawer for me to start on when this is full.

I got up at nine this morning because I crashed about eleven last night, much earlier than usual. So I had more daylight time today even though the first half of the day has been agony to my joints -- for some reason my ankles were particularly bad this morning. I hadn't been on my feet much lately because I'm resting up from the laundry exertion, but my ankles go off on their own sometimes by way of weather.

So I not only did my daily art already but went to http://www.sitesell.com and started working on my site again. I realized yesterday that I had not reviewed the Oil Pastels Workstation kit, a really fun book I picked up last month on the grand book-spree at Amazon. So I wrote that one up and then realized I had not reviewed Heads in Oil Pastel, the third Walter Foster book I got on oil pastels.

Thus today got TWO reviews, for a total of five I've done this week. I am catching up on reviewing all the new books I bought last month. I still need to read some of the good ones, like Bill Creevy's The Pastel Book and Susan Sarbach's Capturing Radiant Light & Color, both of which I'm really looking forward to. I read the OP section in the Creevy book but would like to finish the whole thing before the review.

Also I still need to do yet another review of The Colored Pencil Painting Bible by Alyona Nickelsen for http://www.explore-oil-pastels-with-robert-sloan.com -- it seems I've reviewed that great volume everywhere but my own site. Crazy but that's true, so maybe I'll write that up later on or tomorrow.

Or catch up on my reading and finish Carlson's Landscape Guide. I cheated a bit and skimmed to finish the review on that one, still reading slowly and thoroughly. It is a slow read like the Jack Hamm art instruction books but very enjoyable. Weird if I read it right before bed though, because I doze off imagining myself doing plein air painting.
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