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New netbook just arrived today!

The new refurbished Acer netbook is here! More good news -- bready goodness. Karl has been experimenting with homebaked bread ever since Kitten went to school. On her visit, she showed him how to fix it with more flour and less wet ingredients, so now instead of tasty nutty very heavy bread like it's solid as a potato (it was very tasty but had a much heavier texture than store bread) it is light and fluffy and taller. Yum.

Bready goodness and getting used to the smallest keyboard I've ever put two hands on.

So the big Acer refurb sitting to the right is now dedicated mostly to running the scanner and uploading images. I'll be doing most of my online stuff on teeny weeny Sapphire, which weighs practcically nothing and is smaller than a copy of Raven Dance.

Yes. The latest laptop is tinier than the print edition of my book. I thought it'd be about like a hardback Stephen King or Clive Barker for carrying around. Instead it's more like a trade paperback Pratchett.

I'm delighted, thrilled, having great fun installing my usual software downloads and considering actually buying MS Office 2007 when the trial runs out in sixty days since that would make it pretty good for manuscript submissions to places that want Doc files instead of just RTF files. And maybe I'll even use the database and spreadsheet stuff on it, it's already installed so I may as well see if I like it.

The screen is about the size of one window the way I usually do things, so I may get used to full screen browser and other applications just to stay in my comfort zone.
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Apr. 28th, 2009 08:59 pm (UTC)
Very cool. The blue sapphire Acer is the exact same as the one I got last December. I'm still as happy with it as the day I got it but it's not my main home computer. What really sold me on it was that it runs XP, not Vista. Did you see my post in the Oil Gusher?
Apr. 28th, 2009 09:26 pm (UTC)
Not sure if I did, but I'll have to go check the Oil Gusher. I posted this pic in the Art Supply Addicts Anonymous thread. Glad to know that it still runs good months after you got it -- there were some negative reviews on Tiger Direct but they were all about problems starting it up for the very first time and resolved by a) a one-time quick thump to the back of the machine to jog a stuck fan loose or b) replacing the machine, which Tiger Direct did.

Much relief that mine ran perfectly on the first go! It has a bad habit of switching back to Qwerty from Dvorak keyboard layout with every new browser page, which I hope will stop once it's been rebooted and my settings saved with Dvorak keyboard layout as the default. I love it that it's XP not Vista, not ready to start getting used to Vista or be the bug tester for Windows. I don't like new flavors of Windows till they've been on the market for a couple of years or more and someone else runs into all its problems.

Also, I need to use it a lot to train my hands so that I don't hit Caps Lock instead of Caps -- that's the biggest frequency mistake I make on the new tinier keyboard. My hands fit on it comfortably though and once Dvorak is selected I don't think it'll slow me down much at all -- if any, once I get past the Caps Lock problem.

I know this has just declared itself my Away Machine. I unplugged it to take it in the other room to show Kitten, and it weighs nothing. It's so loony easy to carry. I could shove this in a coat pocket if I wanted, at least on my peacoat.

Karl pointed out that now I can actually play Diablo while working on a book or hanging out online, which is a big plus. I used to have two computers going at the same time and it was great to have Diablo as a rumination game. I'd reach a point of not finding the next sentence, play for 21 seconds, finish the sentence, keep writing. Used to do that with Solitaire too. But with Diablo if it's on the same computer it takes so long just to open up the screen that it's not worth it, I'm distracted by getting back to the story before the game's even up.

I think if my old Acer laptcp survives -- which it might since I corrected that problem of blocked vent -- I could be very happy with both of them in tandem most of the time. Right now I've got it closed being a mouse pad though and I'm just using the little one.
Apr. 29th, 2009 12:36 am (UTC)
We are netbook twins!
Apr. 29th, 2009 02:07 am (UTC)
Yep! Yayyy! I'm still learning its ins and outs. Been using it all day and noticed that every time I open a new browser window, I have to remind it to use Dvorak rather than revert to English > American qwerty layout. I hope that when I shut down and reboot it, it saves the Dvorak setting and boots into it so it's as convenient as its bigger elder cousin.

This is so much fun though. I like the little screen and got such a kick out of carrying it around without any hassle at all -- it's beautiful.

The color is gorgeous too, it could come in 18 colors and I'd still have picked this deep sapphire blue.

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