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Late Night Puttering on Micro Mini

The longer I work on it, the easier it is. I really like this netbook. Its size just feels liberating and I've gotten one hurdle out of the way.

Dvorak is now the default keyboard setting and Qwerty is the one that needs specifically to be chosen. I got into the Help function and got that dialog open, selected it as default and no longer have to choose Dvorak for every single post I make on anything -- something I've been doing all day and finding impossible on some types of blog comments. It needed to be the default.

Blog commenting will be much, much easier now.

So will typing without leaning over to look at the keys.

I still need to get the CDRW hooked up -- it's plug n play but I moved it back to the big one for Diablo -- and get some things installed on it. Haven't started that. Most of today was typing practice getting used to the size of the keyboard. Doing my mail took a long time with backspacing over hitting extra keys, but I get used to it after a while. Not right at the start, but after a while.

I'm used to the screen now too. I got the Windows colors settled with no gray and no white, light tints and strong pure hue accents in cool colors to go with the Sapphire casing.

On the list of things to do -- stick a USB cord between them and network them, so I can move some files. Then move certain files. Maybe not all of them, but some.

What I should do now is move some files so they're shared, but pull a lot of them off this machine and burn them to CDs and stick them in the album. I bet the big one would run better if I unstuffed its hard drive. It may make the processor run harder and hotter having to search through a mostly-full hard drive -- and after some backups and deletions I should defrag of course to see if I can get it up to a better level of function.

The other thing I'm considering is a wireless mouse. Or at least a second optical mouse. I surfed wireless optical mice tonight and they range from about $20 to $80 or so, really big price divide, many with fancy features. They all still occupy a USB port though, so "wireless" really isn't an advantage for that. Maybe I'd save money just getting an optical mouse with a cord so that each of them has one.

Wireless mice need batteries although some have rechargeables, and mice with tethers don't. Another thing to keep in mind. Optical ones work just fine on my leg or the arm of the chair or anything else though, don't get as fussy about surfaces as the old ball mice did.

I also need to figure out how to use the onboard webcam, it shouldn't be that hard. The application for it is probably there somewhere in Windows. Might be convenient for the occasional sketchbook snapshot even with its placement.

I'm getting a lot more used to this keyboard with every sentence, and that's the good thing. It may look so small you'd think it'd be an impediment, but it's working out fine -- it may be the lower limit of a keyboard size that'd work for rapid typing.

Going to be a trip and a half come Nanowrimo. I feel this urge to go places with it, to take it outside, to bring it to Aimee's for Nanowrimo meets if we're still here. Or if we're in Arkansas to whatever the local Nanowrimo group's write-in is. But if we're still in Kansas, then it'd be nice to meet Ted for real once. Too bad every year I've been too sick to go on the days it's held, that gets frustrating.
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Apr. 29th, 2009 08:57 am (UTC)
I have a netbook too, an Asus EeePC and I love it! They're so small and cute and portable. :D

My experience of wireless mice is that they're useless - don't know if you've ever had one but I've had a few and they consistently crap out on you for no good reason. :oP
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