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New mouse

After I got the little netbook on sale, I found out my regular laptop wasn't dead yet and discovered what was obstructing its vents. It needs to have elbow room in all directions, but functions just fine if there isn't stuff wadded up behind it too close to blow the hot air back under it.

So there I was with two good Acer machines, one smaller than the other, and one Dell optical mouse on a cord that dates back to my old laptop. Not great if I actually mean tu use them both at the same time. I had a little left from my check and looked at Staples for a mouse. Checked prices, wanted something basic, discovered some of the optical cordless mice run over $100 but lucked and found a cordless one that had been marked down to $19.99 and then had an extra $10 off sale that day.

Well, it was obvious which one to get.

So I ordered it, it got here Tuesday. I tried it and was frustrated because it wouldn't work on either computer. Got my new clipboard and box of cheap pens from Dollar Days too. So I called Staples, they arranged to send out a new one and then yesterday the driver got lost and couldn't find my address. This morning at about eight I got a call to confirm my address and ask for directions.

I had to admit that I couldn't give any and didn't know where the nearest highway is or what it is. I couldn't give them any more information than they could get using Mapquest or Google Maps, explained that to them and today it did show up. The driver picked up the one that didn't work. (This might be why they were discounting it through the floor, if the model had too many factory defects and too many returns).

I just tested it. It's an HP. It works -- it worked as soon as I put it in. It's about as sensitive as Ari's whiskers. My old mouse takes fairly broad motions. This one is smaller and the slightest twitch sends the pointer all over the screen. I had to slow down a little and get deliberate, but I think I like that sensitivity. Once I get used to it, this one will probably be distinctly better for playing Diablo or doing digital art, it's easily controlled if I slow down enough to see what it's doing!

So that's neat -- and it's weird to be wireless. I just need to remember that when I turn the computer off, I'd better also turn off the mouse or I'll chew through batteries like candy. They say batteries are good for about three months of normal usage.

I'll have to see what that translates to for round the clock Robert style usage. I still haven't been to bed yet -- could not sleep last night, at all, gave up and decided to try to stay up till the kittenlets nap so I can push it around the clock. I'd really like to have some daylight time for packing, when I can see what I'm doing.

The stronger light in my room is a very bright Daylight task lamp that illumines pretty much just the top of my table. The chandelier's flame-shaped bulb isn't very strong, so sorting things out at night is tricky and so is finding anything in the dim. I did get two thirds of a box of fragiles packed though, and have only one more paperweight to go in before I start finding other things that are relatively low priority to go into it -- stuff that can be unpacked once I know what I have in the way of shelving and might get stashed for a few months till I refurnish with enough shelving.

Which I may well need to do, since I'm losing a shelf that runs all the way around two walls of this room and have no idea whether I'll have built in shelving like that in the new place. The deal with the two double-wides fell through because the buildings are not up to code -- one even has black mold. No way are they usable and the bank wanted $29,000 just for the lot, so it didn't turn out to be a bargain anyway.

So Kitten is still house hunting down there, but coming up here to help get the house ready to be seen by prospective buyers too. This could be a little crazy next month. The more of my own packing I do, the better it'll work -- but I have my Tote Express in here now and keep finding these bags I got years ago when I moved all the time. They'll help. I need to get all the art supplies put together in a way that I can still get at them, but easily loaded into the truck or u-haul or horse trailer or whatever we wind up moving in. And all, everything, labeled and listed as to what's in it.

I'm not doing it for the entire house but if I can manage that with my own stuff it'll make it a whole lot easier to settle in -- and keep me from doing Blick orders to replace things I actually have thinking they got lost in the move.
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May. 8th, 2009 04:34 pm (UTC)
It works on my leg, as much as the other optical mouse does. If anything, it's a little more controllable using it on my leg than the other one. That's going to be so convenient during the trip, it's going to rock.
May. 8th, 2009 05:34 pm (UTC)
My optical mouses batteries always seemed to last at least 6 months. It wasn't a huge deal to have a spare set of batteries. If I needed a mouse again, I'd go wireless again. It's wonderful.
May. 9th, 2009 02:24 am (UTC)
I love it. I can see so many advantages to it -- especially if I go toting this netbook around going out to coffeehouses in Russellville like the ones in Lawrence, with wifi and hanging out with other writers. It'll rule for digital sketching too -- once I got the feel of it, it's soooo accurate compared to the old mouse that I'm tempted to get a second one for the other laptop.

Later. After I deal with all the stuff for the move, I may well want to get a second one -- and maybe a different color so that I can tell which one is what. I doubt the same one will be on sale but whatever's on sale would probably be a different brand, color, etc.
May. 8th, 2009 08:29 pm (UTC)
My Apple keyboard and mouse automatically go into an energy-save mode if they aren't used after a certain amount of time (5 minutes, I think).
May. 9th, 2009 02:25 am (UTC)
That's pretty cool. Some of the Microsoft ones said that they go to energy save when you clip the USB widget into the mouse, the way it came. This one has a labeled ON-OFF switch that is easy to operate, which is great by me because I didn't have to try to guess what did or didn't turn it off.
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