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Daily Art

Two Birds
Sakura Koi pan watercolors on Canson Montval cold press 140lb watercolor paper.
Colors used: Paynes Grey, Light Red, Yellow Ochre, Chinese White (wing dots).

I've been up since 5pm yesterday, gone around the clock and then some, 25 to 26 hours awake before I decided today's daily art had better happen before I go to bed tonight. So I decided to do something I know is simple that might be good even if it's just a practice piece and took out the Sakura Koi 24 color pocket set to do quick-swish Asian style watercolor painting.

The last thing I expected was that it'd be the best Asian style painting I've ever done, bar none. This one's a keeper, goes right to the front of the album.

Karl took one look and said "You achieved no-mind. You weren't even thinking about yourself while you did this, were you?"

Nope. I wasn't. I got lost in the image of it in my mind and the brush dancing across the paper and the simple colors happening as they did -- and yellow ochre was better for the leaves than the green that first tempted me. It just flowed and painted itself.

I love that waterbrush, it's got such a great point that even though it's about a size 8 round watercolor brush, I did not need to change to a smaller brush for anything in this ACEO.

Once in a while, there is a rare wonderful moment when something comes out not just like you wanted, but so much better that you couldn't change one thing about it. I've got to do more Asian painting again. I really want to try this style from life once we get to Arkansas because I know if I'd been looking at real birds, I'd have gotten their markings accurate or implied accurately. These are birds of the heart, they needed to be those colors and have those markings.

I'll do prints for sale if anyone wants them, still have plenty of the good photopaper and full ink cartridges.

I also wound up getting some really good ideas on organizing my packing from Karl and from thinking about it today -- the move has been a bit overwhelming, but I'm now focused just on the packing and have spent some time today resting and planning it. Which cut it to size and made me realize how far ahead I am just doing the two and two-thirds boxes I've done -- there's less to pack than I feared if I do this right.

Plus if I do it right, I may not be sitting here surrounded by sealed boxes and just using the art supplies from the trip bag for half a month if I get some good days and get it all done. I'll wind up with some bags and totes to reach into but will still be able to get at most of my mediums. I don't think I want to take down the wall art till late in the month, since that's about a one-day project and should not be that hard even with the frames.

Unless I find a good sized large box and pack the framed art in a box instead of just wrapping each one into clothes and towels for a stack -- hm, that may be a good idea.

Still planning and thinking.
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