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Daily Art

4" x 6"
Derwent Inktense ink pencils, washed
Canson Montval 140lb (Not) watercolor block.
Painted from the 5-15-2009 Weekend Drawing Event photo posted by WC member Michael_Akin.

I also did Hubpages articles #6, 7 and 8 for the challenge -- #6 was after midnight so counts for today, which is keeping even with it. I think that's enough for today though.

We're definitely moving on June 1st and I'm going to be packing as much and fast as I can with only two weeks left. So I may have some trouble finishing that challenge -- thought I had breathing room, but it turns out we can't sell the house while living in it because we would ALL have to get out of the house for an hour or two at a time every time a buyer came by, up to three times during one day.

What this would do to my health would be ugly, like it was in New York when I had the Three Appointment Day and got that tendonitis that still plagues me.

So instead we're definitely clearing out on the 1st and it'll help anyway, it means that I can relax and get it over with and settle in down there instead of having to constantly try to keep everything looking like some stranger's going to inspect it.

Oh, and my Blick stuff arrived so my Faber-Castell Polychromos 120 color set, Derwent Inktense 72 color set, Walnut Hollow 36 color set and Mont Marte Earth Tones 12 color set are all in their new leather jackets, easy to use and get at. This eliminates two large tins that can be used to store spare pencils and pens, while cutting the bulk it takes to keep these good artist grade colored pencils handy. This ought to be a kick when I pack up these art supplies.

I love those leather pencil cases, they rock. I may eventually get them for all my good colored pencils and just keep them in a row tagged for what's in what case. It would be cost effective -- I never had internal breakage on any pencils in these cases, but often do when I keep them in tins unless the tin's always kept flat on a shelf.
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