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HubChallenge Progress

I've been doing http://hubpages.com/forum/topic/14183 since the 14th and just finished my 14th hub, again finishing three for today. Last night their server crashed or I'd have done four or five for yesterday. Today I just might unless it crashes again.

I need to get on with my packing too and do something toward it tonight now that I've rested physically for three articles worth. But if you're wondering where went my long entries -- that's what I'm doing instead. So visit my profile on HubPages where I'm robertsloan2 same as here, and check out my new hubs, or check my Facebook or Twitter because every one of these articles gets announced on both my Facebook and Twitter pages. Please do comment on them and give them thumbs up ratings, this will help a lot.

They're all topical articles and most don't wander quite as much as my LJ blogging. Some are even art articles. Right now I'm only 7 or 8 articles behind for being caught up to where keeping a steady three-article daily pace would win the goal, but I want some more good days with extra articles ahead by the time we leave on the 1st -- at least one spare day for when I'm on the road, maybe several for unpacking and all.


After posting this entry I decided I'd sat and rested long enough. I got up, grabbed a small box and packed some of my artist grade colored pencils, filled the side with smaller important art supplies that are fairly fragile (some not, like a spare pack of top loaders that happened to fit the space), sealed and marked it and stacked it with the book boxes already packed. Then attacked the two largest cardboard Blick boxes and consolidated them, put both archival oversize mat boards into the box with the nine remaining archival foam boards, which fit perfectly since one foam board was taken out and cut to smaller sizes.

Taped that shut and labeled it with my name on it and what's in it "Archival Boards" worth $300. Even if we get movers, they'll know to handle it with care and what room it goes in.

We might. I'm not sure how this will get packed. I do know that it's up to me what to keep or not and what goes in storage or not. The better I label the art supplies, the easier it'll be to find what I'm looking for when I get there.

Now I need to rest again for some hours, so I may knock out more Hubs or do my daily art sketch or both.
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