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Last day here

I think most of what I'll do today is get a bath at some point that I can move again.

Once I got up, I found a place for the palettes with the Daniel Smith, Marie's Chinese and Winsor & Newton watercolors. I bought a lot of inexpensive covered palettes and have all my tube watercolors in them sorted out in separate palettes, including one for new D&S triads that has room for four more colors. I had one last shoebox sized Sterilite tub that wasn't full of anything, so that held them and the electric pencil sharpener in a way that I can immediately find it.

So I didn't have to fit those into the trip bag. Whew!

I've got masking tape on the lids of tubs with my name so they don't get confused with craft room tubs. But not the large ones across the room. I've got the tape handy though so as they get into that stuff over there I can get at that.

There's still a lot of stuff. Tote Express, which is two-tier, plus five more large or medium canvas bags and the Sahara Chair all packed and there's still a lot of canvas boards, sets of student grade oil pastels, boxes of stray pencils, all sorts of things that still need to go in boxes. Those will go in with the books and clothes and things in regular packing boxes.

Kitten planned time to help me pack though when she knew I didn't have all week to do it myself. With how far I got, I think it'll go a lot easier on her.

I did overexert though. Waking up today was hard. I actually woke up about an hour before I could move. That's always rough because it means I'm stuck awake through the worst of it without medication.

Things that will go in generally packed, the two Art S. Buck manikins, most of my books, the tin with my old set of Prismacolors (hopefully FLAT), and assorted tools sets.

Kitten has just found a good place for my good Captain Morgan rum, it's going in the kitchen into the box with all the vinegar and vanilla and other Good Things In Glass Bottles that can be handled carefully. I grabbed a shot of it before it migrated because dangit, I deserve that after everything I got packed.

DVD-RW is traveling in my clothes suitcase. My Art S. Buck manikins should actually go into the boxes to be unpacked when I get into my room. It's not like I have a burning need to draw human figures tonight or tomorrow on the road. I will have lots of cool things to draw on the road that are places I've never seen and people in truck stops if I'm so inclined.

My trip bag is horribly heavy. But it's got all the important stuff in it that I'd want tomorrow night instead of having to wait till we get into the house.

My Erengi wood box set of oil pastels is very small and weighs practically nothing. That's traveling on its shoulder strap without getting stuffed into anything. I may actually be using that when I'm out in a truck stop and just pull something out of the big heavy bag like my sketchbook to use with it. I'm not sure where my camera is though... and have a feeling it might actually be tucked up nicely in one of the tubs that's over by the other chair. That's the one place where it could be that'd make sense.

Later today I am going over there to look for it where I saw it last, since it really ought to be in the trip-bag where I can snap anything that looks cool along the way.

That's assuming there is anything cool on the way.

The Midwest is so built up and developed that in the entire trip from Colorado to Minneapolis I did not see one stretch of highway that wasn't farms or businesses or residential developments. It felt as if we were driving through suburbs -- one long continuous Colorodo-To-Minneapolis suburb. That was scary and depressing.

But we are going to Arkansas, and the highway may go through some state and national parks along the way. Also, even when it's not parks, the South may still have areas that aren't developed. I hope so. I hope to see trees and wilderness and rolling hills and when we get closer, those gentle old Eastern mountains, the ancient range that goes back to the Cambrian and Ordovician and so on, full of trilobites.

The Rockies are hard on me physically. I have trouble breathing at high altitudes. But I love having mountains in the distance and the Eastern ones with their rich forests have always been so wonderful. I hope I can find my good camera for that. I can't actually use the webcam for it -- that's packed up in the laptop bag and I haven't installed it on the netbook yet.

I think the netbook's going to be my trip-computer though. It's way too cool. I have the cords for the camera and my phone camera on the easel. But the phone can't dump to the netbook because it's the laptop that has the phone-connection software installed. The camera probably could, but I'd need to actually do it. I hope the camera can because if I find it, that only holds about a couple dozen images before it winds up full.

I got a memory card for it that was cheap. It stopped working after the first time and I never bothered to report it or get it replaced. Very frustrating. I might buy a better quality memory card for it sometime because that would rock.

Little things I didn't get around to and now wish I had, because I'll have great photo opportunities along the way and once I get there. Of course once I get there, it may be easier because I can use the laptop. Actually, I could see about making sure the laptop bag winds up in the car rather than the truck so that if I do need to dump the camera, I can at least do it tomorrow night.

I'm getting excited about the move.

My art and color charts are mostly still on the wall, some of them hung too high for me to reach. Kitten said she'd help get all that down. This may actually be a lot easier once all the books are packed and clothes and stuff packed and it's easier to get right up to the walls to take stuff down.

So everything's going on schedule and what I need to do today is rest and anesthetize. Between my meds and the rum I'm starting to not feel the pain as much but I shouldn't try to actually do anything that takes coordination. The risk with alcohol combined with Tramadol is just of a little stronger effects to the alcohol.

I've found out empirically that it counts as about one more drink being on Tramadol, in terms of how well coordinated or how good my judgment is and so on. I sure would not drive on the combination or do anything dangerous -- but let's face it, shoving clothes into a suitcase is not exactly something that takes as much judgment as driving a car! I did all the important careful packing yesterday.

Anything that takes the edge off recovering from it today will help tomorrow be a good one.

I'm happy with my progress and relieved that we'll be leaving tomorrow -- that I don't have to live packed for days and days. That was always the most frustrating part of some other moves I've made. Now that things are sorted and packed it's easier to look forward than back.

Kitten's packing up the last stuff in the house and it's going real fast. She's taken down Houly's Kestrel: Looking for Lunch from the living room already and has a plan for packing up the good framed art all together and spreading out some of it through more of the house, which I'm cool with. The Kill belongs in my room but I'm cool with Archaeopteryx being out in the family room.
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