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I've been offline ever since I relocated upstairs into my room. Our old router is "creeping along on a walker, it's very aged" and I get a range between No Signal, Very Low and occasionally when the weather is just right, Low Signal up in my room -- where I've got everything set up.

I could have packed my netbook downstairs but I have also been busy in my room unpacking and organizing stuff.

I finally spent my stimulus. Kitten didn't need me to toss it in on the move, so I bought furniture for my new room. Once it's all here and everything's assembled and done, I think my room is going to be seriously cool looking -- actually splendid.

Right now, a dresser and Bed In A Bag have arrived. I'm still waiting for two new bookcases. Hopefully that will be enough shelf space that I don't need to double stack paperbacks. Hopefully.

I'll know when everything's unpacked. Most of my books are still boxed in the garage anyway. So are most of my clothes and about half my art supplies.

My waterbed has a slow leak. Thus the Bed In A Bag is still in its zippered plastic bag, which looks like a good storage bag for soft stuff like out of season clothes. It's going to look very cool once we get the leak sorted out and I make the bed with the new stuff.

My new dresser did arrive yesterday. So far I have completed Steps 1 through 5 in assembly, by my usual pace of working on it for fifteen or twenty minutes and then resting two to four hours in between stints. I am getting it done. Now that the frame is assembled it's easier to see what size it is too. I'm very tempted to put the printer on that, but we'll see once it's fully assembled and upright where it goes.

This will free up the shabby white shelving in the closet for things like storage of other stuff -- craft items and stockpiled art supplies. I have found the big liter of Colourfix primer but not the three little jars with white, black and clear. Oy.

My 4" x 6" Lanaquarelle watercolor block and 9" x 12" Montval watercolor block were casualties of the move. Coffee spilled in the car and they were in the trip bag, the little block in an outside pocket and the big one first thing on the front side inside. Coffee also got into the bottom of my 8 1/2" x 11" ProArt sketchbook but thankfully only an inch or so on the bottom, so from now on sketches will be shorter than that until I fill that one up. Same with the Montval block, if I mark it off right I can still do 8" x 10" pastel pieces on it by gessoing with Colourfix.

Finished Step 6 on the dresser now. I tried to post this and it went down, so let's try again now that I've done a bit more assembly.

Kitten is out at Wal-Mart getting the new router so if this doesn't work, I'll save it and post again later once it's installed.
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