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Today's Progress

I'm in the middle of Step 7 on assembling my dresser. Yesterday I finished screwing together the frame and made a good solid job of it. The frame is now sitting across the room over by the closet where the dresser will go, with the blond bookcase turned around so that it's at the foot of the bed. Works pretty well, especially for right now.

I thought I might put the dresser at the foot of the bed but it's a bit tall and the cardboard back is a bit flimsy. I don't think I want the back out where cats can claw it.

Right now all four drawer fronts have handles and I've attached four Cam Posts each to two of them, got eight more of those to screw in. This is tough, it takes a while and then I need to rest afterward because my hand gets tired. Patience will get it done though, I started about four hours ago.

We had to order the waterbed patch kit online because the local hardware store didn't carry it. So that puts off the day that I'll be making the bed with the new cool bedding. It can stay in the closet safe in its clean plastic zippered bag till then.

This afternoon, the FedEx truck arrived and deposited four tall, very heavy packages at the front door -- so heavy that I couldn't get the door open! Kitten & Karl came home just as the truck was about to leave. They were so heavy the FedEx guy thought they were tough, so I gave up on trying to move my two upstairs by myself.

I can wait for Karl to bring them up. If he's sensible he'll do one at a time -- they really are huge and heavy in their crates. I might need some help from him to unpack them as well as get them upstairs. Other than that though, I'll be doing my own assembly.

They are nice and tall, not very deep, going to give me loads of good storage space when they're assembled. Which begins when the dresser's done. I will be screwing for days at this point -- and it's all well worth it!

Step 8 on the drawers is putting the frame of the drawer together. Back onto sides, back and sides assembly to the front, or the other way around. The diagram is just a sort of blown-apart diagram with little insets showing in detail where to put what fasteners.

I don't quite understand how the cam fasteners and cam bolts work, but will find out once they've all got cam posts added and the back/side units are constructed. The next step is easy -- nailing the bottoms onto the drawers and adding a little metal bracket in the middle to help hold up the weight of what's in the drawer.

Then the drawer stoppers go on, another easy step. Little black plastic caps get nailed into all the visible big screws on the outside and it's done. So really the only hard part is the business with the cam posts and cam fasteners that I don't quite understand yet, but I think it'll make sense after doing the first one.

The posts are on properly anyway. :D

I've been working with only one-hour rests all day and it's going well. I love this climate. Outside it's sunny and bright and the world is beautiful. Wish I was finished and could be painting that tree instead!

But I want my assembly done and stuff sorted out first. It'll be pretty like this again and again in this climate. It's just a green sweet slow beautiful place and I'll have plenty of time for painting that tree.

Miss Gemini is sleeping on her foam pad on the end of the bed contentedly.
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