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Step 9!

I finally finished the screwing. So I've now gotten the bottom nailed onto one of three drawers and its center support bracket screwed in. That was a bit tricky without a pre-drilled hole to start the screw but still not as bad once it got started as those big screws on the sides.

The main thing with it is this is going to take some time. I have to stand up to work on this part so I need to rest between drawers long enough for my back to recover. Still, I think that means I'll be done with the dresser today. Couldn't be soon enough to suit me!

I'm also looking at its clean, simple, black shape and considering doing some decorative painting on it. I could actually create some designs on the surface with black Colourfix primer, making sanded areas that would accept pastel, colored pencils or oil pastel with strong opacity -- then give it the type of designs you see sometimes on old European furniture and furnishings where it's brilliantly colored birds and flowers on black.

Or just get out some gold metallic acrylic and go for steampunkish swashes and interlaced ornaments, that could look very good too. Black is such a good background for anything bright. It would be a lot more distinctive if I do some sort of patterns on it though. Whether I do that right away or just think about it for a while and get settled in first is up in the air.

I could always try the white Colourfix and be very careful in placing designs, giving more brightness with the white gesso behind any color or metallic gold first. Then wash some Terra Cotta over it to give that reddish undertone old goldwork gets... lots of possibilities. Heh. Templates and spray paint are another idea.
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