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The dresser is built.

It doesn't look that perfect -- again, the irregularities in how the pieces are shaped led to some unpleasant surprises. A little of the unfinished tops of drawer fronts show from the side, but I think a dab of black acrylic paint will neaten that up. At any rate, it is constructed! It's done!

I don't have to work on the dresser any more.

It's over on the other side of the room next to the closet, completely empty and ready to fill as soon as I start unpacking clothes and things.

I hurt all over and I'm exhausted. Way tired and way more pain than I expected from doing anything as simple as putting eight little plastic screw caps on and screwing a strap to the back that technically ought to get nailed to the wall too -- but I'm not going to bother. I put it on in case it does start to lean and needs reinforcement. Right now it seems steady enough.

The drawers slide all right, but not as smoothly as some dressers I've had. I can see that in the long run I may want to get plans and good wood and fancier hardware and design one out of good wood. But that's in the very long run.

For now, this wasn't costly and it will serve, it'll also look better when I add a few details. The one thing I do need to do soon is paint up the top edges of those drawers because they do not look good.


That's such a relief.
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